George Lucas Files Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Wireless Headset Maker



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I don't care either way.  Just to play devil's advocate here...

How has the Star Wars name been damaged?  Yeah, this company is making money off of it, but it hasn't damaged the franchise (that I know of).

Xerox can't sue for people calling a copier Xerox (can't say it is a Xerox brand but can use the generic term).  Kleenex can't sue for me calling a tissue from another brand Kleenex.  Those have already been decided.  Is Jedi now considered a generic term for people doing things with their minds?



I think copyright and trademark infringement cases have stiffled innovation and cause serious harm to our society, but in this case, this a legitimate protection of one's intellectual property. It is pretty obvious this guy is playing on the familiarity of "Jedi Mind Tricks" to make money.

It sounds like Lucas even allowed him time to phase out use of the Jedi Mind name. They could have come after him like Vader and a bunch of stormtroopers but didn't. Now he doesn't want to live up to his end of the bargin and now is getting free publicity.

I'm afraid in this case, Lucas has every right to ask that they be compensated and this dude punished.



I can understand where Lucas is coming from on this one. Everyone automatically associates the term 'Jedi' with the Star Wars franchise as it is. Now there is a company who is playing off of the idea of 'The Force' by utilizing a term titled 'Jedi Mind' for their product without paying loyalties to Lucas?

Granted, Lucas has made enough money off of the Star Wars franchise that I'm sure he will never be in want for anything again, but you still have to protect your rights. Unless this was an official Star Wars endorsed product, as a fan I would stay away from it.

I agree, it's a little soon after the frivolous laser lawsuit, but don't forget that they've been dealing with these guys since before that lawsuit took place.



Let's be honest, the first thing that comes to mind when you see or hear Jedi is Star Wars. I can't think of any other current valid reference for it. LucasFilms has a valid complaint here.



Lucus needs to take a chill pill. It hasn't even been too long since the whole Deadly Lasers suit.



That's ok, I hope Lucasfilm gets sued by Ugly Dolls:;product_id=1322754;category_id=1305908

Ewok = Babo

Wampa = Icebat



Those dolls don't really seem all that similar. Similar in size + shape maybe but anyone can tell by looking that they are obviously 2 different characters, especially because Lucas's dolls bear a greater resemblance to the characters they are supposed to represent.

I think you're implying that Lucas is being petty by suing 'yet another company' over his rights, but tbh I believe if I was to start a company called 'Toyota Performance + Handling' I would probably get sued by Toyota, no?



the original meaning of "jedi" is a referance to old japanese samurai movies. which has nothing to do with anything "Jedi mind" does. so that means that jedi mind is infact playing off of the meaning  of Jedi based on "Star Wars" saga. therefore, I would say that yes, LucasFilm does infact have a very good case.

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