George Lucas Drops Wicked 'Lightsaber' Lawsuit



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If you seen the commercials for "DROID" then you have seen the small print saying the name is licensed from Lucasfilms.I would expect alot of words are copyrighted by Lucasfilms including "Lightsaber".

That being said I think they were foolish to send the letter even if it Slightly looks like a lightsaber,as previously stated I also didn't know of it's existance until now. I still won't buy one, not because of the lawsuit but because I have no use for it.


Zachary K.

Well, the lawsuit seems to have brought more attention to it, I never even heard of wicked lasers before MPC brought up the lawsuit.



Just thinking of Hollywood (and the MPAA) going around and suing everyone makes me wanna vomit. Since when could Hollywood patent or copyright fictional ideas that appear in their movies? Is the word "lightsaber" a trademark? If Wicked-Lasers product had the StarWars emblem or something on their product and/or packaging, then I could totally see copyright infringement. So anything that resembles lasers could potentially be copyright infringement since the advent of Star Wars? Are they going to sue Lockheed Martin or the government one day in the future when hovering motherships are finally a reality!?



Yes, Lucasfilm owns the word "lightsaber". If a videogame has an unlockable lightsaber in it, for example, they will always call it a "laser sword".

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