GeForce GTX 580 Launch Rumors and Leaked Pics



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The real question is if it is a renamed part or genuinenly a major revision. Nvidia has become justifiably notorious for renaming old parts as newer ones.

If it is a major revision, I'd like to know just how much better it really performs.



That the new card will have more than just two monitor connectors. I want to upgrade but this is keeping me from going for a new card. I would purchase AMD but don't want to have to hack for Physx (shame on you Nvidia). Still I prefer Nvidia drivers...


So I am hoping the new Nvidia cards will sport three monitor connector.



They will wait for nVidia to release the card at $500 (ridiculous), then release there new cards, which will probably outperform the nVidia, for $150 cheaper.


Go AMD :)



Then NVIDIA will drop the price of the video card to whatever AMD is selling it at. NVIDIA and ATI/AMD has been doing this since they've became established rivals. Like when NVIDIA released the GTX 460 at $200, AMD dropped the price of the HD5830 from $230 to $200.

And sure, it may technically outperform the NVIDIA card, but aside from the GeForce FX line vs. Radeon R300 line, I've yet to see such a big difference in performance beyond 10%. (That or I didn't care)



Actually, nVidia is cutting in just before AMD - the GTX580 is a recent announcement, while the 69xx has been around for awhile.

The more those two fight it out, the better for us.



I don't know about outperform (maybe from a cost ratio), but I would rather pay more than deal with AMD's driver support.  But got to love AMD I'm sure they help to keep nVidia honest.



This is probaly what the 400 series should had been last year with everything enable.



While I mostly agree with this, I think they have made some changes. Notice that there are no heatpipes jutting out of the card? Perhaps they have reworked their architecture to be a little les hot.

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