Gears of War PC Pulls a Zune, Just Stops



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This is what one would call an EPIC fail



just imagine your on the dev team giving high 5's feeling good for a job well done maybe getting a little extra in the ol pay check job well done thanks guys


hahahha then the first call comes in, then another and another, then all hell breaks loose hahahah   they just stare at one another 


this is great wish i was part of it  life is good



 They're actually telling people to set their clocks back to before January 29th. That's like when that one company (can't remember who) cut the last digit of their serial numbers off and they told people to guess the last number.


BTW: January 29th must be a bad day for the tech industry. On that day, AVG got an update that cripples it on some computers. 


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



Once again, legitimate customers get screwed over by DRM.  It's a wonder anyone still bothers to pay for games when the pirated versions almost always work better and are less trouble.  Maybe someday publishers will learn...



I loved this game, yet it has its problems, ie: Game for Windows Live update bug, new idea instead of running the game and having games live running out of that have games for live run as a stand alone program lke steam, then launch a games for windows game out of there.



I find it funny after reading an article where Microsoft considers the PC as a great platform for games...

and this is what people get...ha.hahaha....

they should have beta tested it more...before releasing it on PC...



Genius, it's not the game that's the problem...

What is it with the dense peanut gallery always talking the most? I mean it says it right there, and nothing about it says the game was the problem...or that it needed beta testing. You really need to read the whole article before you start opening your mouth.

Here is my last had to do with certificates...authentication protocols...that should have clued you in...Because the same certificate - authetication protocol whatever you want to call it, is used for all GFW game titles. 


Brock Kane

I was really freaked out when this happened. Thought it was problems with my PC at first. Glad to know it's not!

But they need to fix this soon. Tired of changing my date back on my PC to run the game.

 Sh-- happens! Let's move on!


- brock



As for "does anyone still play this game"? Yes many of us still do.

I found it in the bargain bin and decided to try it out. I liked it.



Is anybody even playing Gears on the pc?



doubt it.



i played gears for a good half hour and didnt really like the gameplay anyways.



Yeah the game is hard for some people.


As for your doubt it's misplaced, there aren't too many games that sell well after they have been on a console first for a number of years, nor do they have the popularity, mostly because by the time it's released there is better stuff out there on the PC. Most people are playing GoW2 on the 360 if they are playing a Gear game. Easy to get a match on that...not to mention there are a lot of other FPSs vying for dominance on the PC...many good one's fall under the radar.



Can't wait to see what the end of next month will bring :D

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