Gearbox: ESRB Will “Not Exactly Be Approving” of Duke Nukem Forever



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By 2015 I want to see a Duke Nukem / Serious Sam co-op venture.




*Points and laughs at Australia*


Mighty BOB!

I know right?  Sucks to be them.


I have no doubt in my mind that this will probably get an AO rating.



It wouldn't be Duke without it. The whole time I was waiting for this title to be released I thought the worst thing they could have done was to "mamby-pamby-ize" good ol' Duke. I was actually hoping for an 'AO' rating.



Sorry about the markup in the previous post....



The ESRB effectively equates anything with bare breasts as porn. You might have a perfectly good gameplay or story reason to have nudity in your game (say you are attacked in the shower ) but when it gets rated, that nudity will get it an AO rating, and will be in the same market as "Virtual Orgy" or "Tentacle  Rapefest" Books never needed ratings, movie ratings are a scam, and ESRB ratings kill games whose audience is over 16.



Dude, so what, it gets an AO? What's the big freakin' deal? Just be 18 and buy the damn thing. It's not like giving it a rating is going to kill the game.


Ratings are GREAT. They keep little kids from getting ahold of games they shouldn't, like, say, Duke Nukem. I don't want ANY 10-year-olds playing this because it has no rating, and as such, they don't know its an adult game, which it is.


The only reason I can see you complaining like this is because you're underage. If so, then too damn bad, grow up a few years, THEN you can buy the game. Get over it.



I will buy it.  If it stays true to itself, I will buy it.  If it remains fun, I will buy it.  If they cave to the sensors and Mr. Nukem ends up running around screaming "GOSH DARN IT!" and gazing at the bikini tops the strippers suddenly find themselves wearing... I'm not buying it. 

I didn't wait 12 years for Duke to roll again just to get ripped off by a bunch of busy-body soccer moms who have enough time to campaign against harmless video games, but are too busy to make sure their little Bobby isn't playing M or AO rated games.

I do hope there are naked soccer-moms in the game... that would be awesome.



Shitting... somehow you got a bunch of stars stuck in there. 


Jer Stryker

I wonder if it would be that hard to make both an M-Rated and an un-rated or A-O version?  I played Duke 3D in high school (and the originals before that) and as the article implies, I have a family and 2 little girls now, and even I don't want to see Duke reduced to bleeps and censor bars.  I want all the swearing, babes, and violence.  My girls have a bedtime and I have headphones, so please find a way to give me Duke unfiltered.



what does Sandy Ravage have to do with this?...



I suggest censoring like Kane & Lynch 2... maybe its blurred out, but we'd get the idea and "state of mind" of the aliens getting their **** f***ed up. Hahaha, there's ways around it.


grand theft auto: san andreas and sliting throats and all that stuff was pretty bad. 

they just keep toning the games down! remember the game manhunt 1? the worst game in history, putting bombs down people's throats and glass down their throat, wratching their heads. mun hunt 2 dulled down.

games that go too far get media news like that asia game that was unshelved because you could abuse a girl.



will be like another Max Payne


BTW ive watched a bunch of trailers - have yet to see dukes foot pummel a pig. That was always awesome/ life saver/ comedy! Hope it makes it in there.



Will steam still carry it if Duke Nukem gets an AO rating? I haven't actually played a duke game before (I'm 20) and I'm looking forward to it. We've been hearing how digital distribution is catching up to retail sales, could a game like this make it work?



I can't seem to find any offical Valve policy on AO games.  The only game I can think of that recently got that rating was manhunt 2, and they had an exclusive deal with direct2drive, so I don't think valve even got the chance to sell it.



I'm betting this gets an Adults Only rating before being banned by most major retailers in the world. This will be a fun ride.

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