GE Claims Holographic Media Breakthrough Capable of 500GB Discs



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"... In other news,

President and CEO of SONY went into a sugar coma last night after reading about this new breakthrough in technology by GE, but not before consuming around 20 frappichinos and Bawls energy drinks.  Witnesses report that he then whipped out his iPhone and began singing "born free" while spamming the inboxes of ps3 owners with text mesages, heckling them about how the purpose of their ps3 purchase will soon be neturalized!

     We contacted ps3 owner and frequent reader of Kaasiim for comments about the previously mentioned emails but he was too busy QQ'ing in his pepsi to comment.

     More after the jump.

 For now, lets go back to our main anchor for a special report on our ongoing series...  TWC, WTF?"



i think this is only going to work if this new format is capable of read/write cds and dvds AND blu-ray discs. when are they going to "do" something, is the solution blu-rays, or holographics? i use dvds because they are cheap, and i dont need 50gb discs i use 4.7gb dvds. i sometimes burn less than 1mb files on one single dvd disc. now, burning a 1mb file on a 500gb disc? i dont know...



If they manage to ship this soon and at a friendly price I might as well skip blu-ray.



who cares?

We will soon just be downloading 1080p hi-def video on our multi-terrabyte HDD when this thing comes out.



Hey how long will it take Apple to claim they have the patent rights to this technology and they deserve revenue for it?



Nunc est bibendum!

The only problem I can see with such high density optical storage would be the amount of information that could be wiped out with a tiny scratch. Could this be the return of caddies?



This really doesn't surprise me since its very similar to what a small startup company was testing.... about the same time dual layer burners were just coming out (and blueray wasn't even in existance yet).  Sadly for the life of me I forgot the name of the company currently, but it also used totally clear media and between 8-20 layers depending on it red or blue lasers were used (and up to 1tb on 1 disc using blue laser).  It didn't use holographic however, but just multiple layers that it could read through depending on minute changes in laser focus.  I kept following it because its cool technology (was even more so years ago), but it never went anywhere and then the company went bankrupt last I heard.  Then I forgot about it honestly.  While it may not have been ready for primetime, I always figured someone waited till they floundered and bought them up for pennies on the dollar.... and then sat on the tech while they milked dual layer and then blue ray.

Looks like it was GE?!

 Then again I could be wrong, and this is a slightly different process... but it sure doesn't look or sound like it.  Although the holographic bit is new I suppose. 

 Don't particularly care, just wonder how much long will be waiting on this?



So we all want to have every episode of our favorites season(s) on a giant DVR or PC hard drive. That's all good and well. DVD quality video, hours of information, no more sorting through discs. But you can't just give that to your friend and go 'Have fun!'. I can see this type of technology being used by companies like Sony Pictures, Paramount and MGM to put, say, the 10 seasons of Stargate SG-1, onto a single disc. Movie night takes on a whole new meaning when all three extended versions of a triology can fit on one disc. Matrix, LOTR, even your precious Harry Potter, can fit on one of the discs. That's the only practical reason for this disc. Slap a ton of 1080P HD content onto a couple of the discs for multi-season/movie action.

But again, if DVR makers allow modern hard drives to be plugged into their boxes or allow them to play DIVX or H.264 video natively, this could be all for nothing. Because if it does, you slap a NAS/USB device that has one giant multi-terabyte hard drive to your DVR that your PS3 or media center PC can stream from and the DVR records in a native format, you might as well through this 500GB disc idea out the window.

 But I'll admit, it would be fun to share the wealth and throw seasons 1-10 of Stargate at a friend and say, "I'll send a search party if I don't hear from you in a month."



You're not thinking big enough. 1080P is so now. And really, we can do so much better. Think ahead. Think 2160P. The infrastructure and consumer products aren't ready to support it, but that's the point. Neither is holographic tech.

But there are more readily available reasons for this disk. Enterprise class backup solutions. If you've got to drop a 100 gig database file on storage everyday, cheap holographic disks can be a great option.



Yawn.  Is it the "Holographic Storage" publicity cycle again?  Every year, there's new press releases.  Every year, it's still vaporware.  Wake me up when there's viable, affordable, products in sale at my local Fry's and Best Buy...



I heard that Duke Nukem will be the first release of this kind of storage.  ;)



Just imagine getting a game that takes most of the disc, 100+ hours on DL DVDs now, soon we'll play through a character's whole life. Imagine the development cycle on a game that huge, imagine steam doing one lol



This is actually the reason for the delay of DNF. They're waiting for the install base for holographic storage to hit a critical mass.


Preferred boot, but will give this Maximum PC thing a try.



Ah geez, that's hysterical.



I'll take two!!!

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