GDI/GDI+, Move Over: Microsoft Introduces Direct2D



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Eva Grainy

I have always admired those passionate people who work with 3D app generating software. From the objective point of view of a person hardly having any particular know how on this matter, I myself can even notice the great evolution to 3D graphics. You have an awesome explicit way of describing the features of this kind of software. A friend of mine once explain to me the evolution of spyware programs and I find it outstanding how these system develop through years.


Keith E. Whisman

Weve already got 2d graphics it's called Intel Extreme Graphics.



I sometimes wonder why I have a quad-core machine with 6GB of RAM and wait for Word to load. It doesn't seem much better than with Windows95. I hope this can make that a little better (and other little things like that.)



Load times are mostly depenedent on your hard drive, not the CPU or RAM (although RAM does play a minor role). The faster your hard drive, the faster things will load. Hence why Windows XP still continues to load at roughly the same speed despite booting it on a Athlon XP 2600+, Athlon 64 X2 3800+, and a Core 2 Duo E8400.



i think its about time. i been thinking about this for a long time. they make 3d faster, but what about 2d text and graphics, in other words, what about everything else!?? internet, cleartype fonts, windows desktop, they all need to work faster, have you ever drag a desktop window moving in circles? it's damn slow. it's about time!



While the screenshot I grabbed for the header shows a game-like demo, the full blog post also shows off demos of CD album labels and charting. Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player, and plenty of other graphically-rich 2D environments will also benefit from faster 2D performance. This could really help speed up Windows 7, and I hope that Redmond can figure out a way to backport it to Vista and XP.


Keith E. Whisman

I really want there to be a 3D GUI for Win7.



15 years after the fact they figured out they can use GPU acceleration for 2D.


Well I guess its a step forward.  More CPU cycles for some of the older games maybe. 




Existing GDI apps will not benefit from D2D/DW.  GDI is and will always be rendered in software.  Interop between GDI and D2D/DW will be possible for future applications.

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