Gazelle Provides a Win-Win Solution for Unwanted Electronics



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my experience with Gazelle was not so great and very revealing. They claimed i did not send the earphones to my iPhone. I'm 100% certain that i did. While they initially responded to my emails, they refused to provide a copy of the full inventory of my shipment [i sent multiple items] and simply stonewalled me. When i requested a phone number to talk with them, they said they were an online business and did not have a phone--sure!  Then they simply refused to further respond to my emails-- they just blew me off. So, if that's the kind of company you want to do business with, go ahead. But i suggest you take a photo of your shipment to document your inventory. And be prepared to be ignored if something goes wrong.


Hazardous Smoker

I think its a great idea. I have items laying around that are hard to sell (old mp3 player, digital camera, cell phone), and to get something, ANYTHING, out of them at all is a bonus.

Plus they pay for shipping?! 

How can you go wrong as long as they are legit?



Reminds me of the "Send us your gold!" mailers you see advertised on TV. What could possibly go wrong?



...the coolest thing ever. Going to go check it out NOW!

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