Gateway Maintains Budget Pricing while Amping up FX, DX, and SX Desktop Offerings



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 I just hate how Gateway uses the most retarded shapes for their media readers. Impossible to migrate those parts to a new rig.




I bought their last gen i7 920 Machine that came with a 4850 radeon. It was one of the cheapest setups available at that time for the new tech it had in it. This computer has been nothing but problems from day one. Gateway support is a joke, and I don't think the tech guy I talked to even knew that this computer existed. I was excited to get this computer because at the time I couldn't have built it any cheaper myself. Then the problems. The hard drive had the bricking firmware issue that plagued the Seagate 7200.12 drives- replaced it. Motherboard bios was crippled from the get go and bios updates did little to fix the horrible problems it caused- replaced it. Powersupply was garbage- replaced it. The only thing in this machine I didn't replace was the case, cpu, and ram. So after about a grand of upgrades, I finally have a decent computer. Long story short, I will never buy a prebuilt again. It looked good on paper, but after all the needed mods, I could have built a computer that would be far superior to what I have now. Live and learn. At least I learned how to do a lot of upgrade stuff that I have never done before, so at least it was a learning experience. Thanks for that I guess, Gateway.



Your experience is the reason why A LOT of folks get into building their own rigs. Back in 1993, I bought a Packard Bell computer. Then in 1994, a Compaq. I've not bought a pre-built desktop since then. Have built my own. 

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Same here man in that exact 93 I bought PB. In 94 I bought a compaq and since, I have never looked back!



After the 3000XHD 30 inch monitor debacle, i'd trust this company as far as i could throw them.  Acer really is a horrible vendor in terms of support. IF YOU'RE GONNA BUY FROM THESE GUYS THEN "BUYER BEWARE!!!!!".   As for the actual pricing of the specs of the machine its fair not great, but fair.  I just can't believe that MaximumPC hasn't busted on these guys for the for the XHD treatments of customers.  There complaints all over the net.  Acer knows they sold crap panels for durability and did their best not to support their customers (of which were upper tier considering the 30 inch monitor was an enthusiast product).   Acer just bought the gateway name as a means to marketshare.  They have no interest in fully supporting its full line.



how is $1699 for i7-860 low budget pricing? system from other vendors offer similar if not lower prices. i guess 16GB of ram does cost a bit, but that still don't seem all that cheap compare to others.



I put this model out on display today at my work and it's actually really nice, and going for $1,229. Compared to the former FX model it's much better, the case looks a lot smoother, the red LED's on the side look pretty slick but not too much, and the front cover for the hot-swappable hd's slides down on it's own once you move it, pretty slick.

I agree I'd rather just build my own (already have 2 custom builds), but If I was going to buy one off the shelf, it would probably be this one.

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