Gateway Launches AMD-Based Netbook, Selling Soon for $450



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Gateway already sells though Best Buy (ugh), a dual core Athlon laptop, with a 500 gb hard drive, ATI graphics, 4 gb of memory, Windows Home Premium, and a dvd-rw, with a 15.6 inch screen for $429.00.  Link for reference -->  so this article confuses me.  I see the netbook is 3G capable, is the 250 gb hard drive an ssd hard drive or something?


I mean, it's half the computer for more money. 



Phunny Mhan

I think that's a bit overpriced. Sure it has an AMD, but damn! It's still just a netbook. If I wanted to jump into a superduty netbook, I would grab one from a vendor that has a few years experience with them.


Curiouser and curiouser!



Consider what you're gettting, though (larger screen than most, Radeon HD 4225 graphics). Thanks to Intel's aggressive marketing of its Atom platform, we've come to associate 'netbooks' with low-power Atom chips, weak graphics, and 10.1-inch displays. Gateway's LT32 is a good example of why the term 'netbook' is a bit ambiguous.

-Paul Lilly



Very ambiguous. IMO once you get passed the $350 price point you're beyond a netbook. To me this is just an ultraportable laptop, not a netbook. 

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