Gateway Launches AMD-Based Netbook



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Athlon64? don't you guys mean Athlon Neo?



The price of this netbook is very close to a better powered notebook. the different is only $80 with the new acer notebook that has core 2 duo, dolby home theater and other goodies. With only $80 difference why on earth would anyone pay for this netbook? I think gateway really need to work their marketing strategies better.



Why would anyone pay for it? Portability and battery life. Sure, you can get a better powered laptop or notebook for a tad more with more goodies, but at the expense of say 4lbs more and much, much worse battery life. The Acer netbook I have now does exactly what my fathers laptop does but his core 2 weighs 3 times more than this netbook and he gets 1:30 hours/min of batt power to my 6:30  hours/min. That can make all the difference in the world.




The Joybook Lite T131 weighs in at just under four pounds, measures
1.1-inches think and runs on AMD’s Yukon chipset and Sempron processor.

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Remember, Atom is VERY crippled, especially when it comes to pipelining. A 1.6 ghz Atom is roughly equivalent to an 800mhz Celeron. 

This CPU is based on the K8 architecture, which is still respectable to this day. However, the battery life won't be as long as it is on the atom. Not that that matters much. You won't be wasting the battery waiting for things to load.


You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



 I'm sorry but that kind of caught my eye, that does NOT sound very fast, i mean the ANCIENT desktop i am currently using has a Pentium III at 1 GHz, and its SLOWWWWWWW, i dont see how 1.2 GHz will be any better.


I am saving up for a new PC here are the stats of my current PC that i got for X-Mas in 2002!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Pentium III--1 GHz, 512 MB



Are people REALLY still caught up on core clock?  Have you already forgotten the days when the Athlon 64 demolished Intel's best processor in benchmarks at 1ghz lower clock?  Yes, it makes a difference... when comparing the same architecture.  Is your ancient desktop also an Athlon 64 class machine?  Then the comparison is meaningless.



I agree 1.2GHz seems to be a little slow......but....where you'll see the difference is...

1. 800Mhz system bus, up from 533 in most netbooks. Can use DDR II 800Mhz sodimms i would guess.

2. Non intel proprietary integrated video. ATI's GPU's in notebooks spanks the bejeesus outa intel's.

Just those differences alone make it all worth while. Besides, this 1.6Ghz atom underclocks to 800Mhz when not doing anything extensive and on batt power. And that doesn't take much cause doing anything extensive would bring this thing to it's knees. I would bet that that AMD proc will underclock to 800Mhz as well under same cicumstances. So the performance would be nill unless your using photoshop or rendering video which is one thing you will not be doing with one of these machines.



Off-topic but I agree on the not giving Intel money part. I've read on their business practices and made it a personal preference choice to go AMD from now on, I'm saving up for a Phenom II deneb. :)



I would take this back but I'm past my 14 day return period. I got the AM2+ version of the Phenom II x4 deneb. 3.0 GHz OC'd to 3.4GHz on a DFI Lanparty M2RS, 4GB DDR II 1066 and it blazes!! You won't be sorry!!



DDR II... It's so funny to read this now ;) giochi casino



 so how does a amd desktop chip stack up agaisnt Atom?

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There's no comparison between an AMD desktop chip and an atom. I just bought an Acer Aspire one D150 with the atom 1.6GHz proc, 1GB DDR II (upgraded to 2GB before i even turned it on.), 160GB HD and a 10.1 inch screen. It's ok for a second comp just to surf the net, listen to music and watch movies. Oh, and this sucker came with a 6 cell batt for almost 7 hours of fun! But in NO means is this a desktop replacement. I won't even try to encode video on this thing or even play games. It's just powerful enough. But to be honest, I would have waited for this gateway netbook if I had known it was comming out. Not because it has an AMD proc, but because I don't like giving my money to Intel.

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