Gartner: Tablet Frenzy Cuts into PC Sales



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The average user only does two main things with their the web and email.  There are now devices on the market that can do that just as well as a PC can.  So, people are choosing other than a PC when it fits their needs and style.  I know lots of users who really did not like the idea of having to give up desk space for a PC (these are those people who have the cheap, low end machines we all hate). Now I see many of them abandoning thier PCs for tablets, Internet capable TVs, and other devices.  This started when laptops became cheaper, then netbooks (for a short time), and now tablets.   This trend will continue as the markets stablize.  Does this mean the end of PCs...nope there will always be those power users who will not like the weaker, lower end computing systems such as tablets and netbooks (we like them as toys).  The area that will die out will be the low end PC market, but gaming and power user PC markets should remain pretty much unaffected (the current problem with this market is the economy in general).



Couldn't the decline in sales simply be caused by Intel's recall of Sandy Bridge motherboards? Instead of buying PCs with the old generation motherboards, people might just have been waiting on Intel to correct the chipset and then jump on the bandwagon. People need to relax about that oversized iPod and evaluate other factors affecting the PC industry. 



Though that's possible, it's probably not likely.  Average users just aren't that savvy.  Your average user has no idea what a chipset is, let alone Sandy Bridge.

Considering that the top-end iPad costs close to the same as a mid-to-low-end laptop, it's pretty safe to conclude that many folks with an older laptop or desktop in need of replacing will opt for an iPad, expecting that it will satisfy their needs. 

We have reached market saturation.  Folks don't have available funds to buy BOTH a tablet and a laptop/desktop. 

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