Gartner Predicts SSDs Will Cost $1 Per Gigabyte in 2012



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Here's a good resource which track the price of SSDs daily.

Here's the 1 ranked drive in terms of price per gigabyte:

OCZ Technology 120 GB Vertex

$137.67 / $1.15 per gigabyte

Hope that helps.



That's what I told myself would be the tipping point for my entry into the SSD market - $1/GB.  I almost buckled and bought a 64GB Kingston drive for $75 AR when it was on ShellShocker a few months back, but I decided to wait knowing that my patience will be rewarded. Technically I'm already in the SSD market with a Super Talent mini PCI-e drive in my eee PC, but it maxes out at 40MB/s sequential reads so it's not really setting any records.



SSD's are in the "Milking it for all it's worth" stage right now.  It hasn't reached toaster status yet like hard drive have.

Probably won't be wrong.  All it takes is one supplier to get it started.



Kingston SSDNow 30GB, , I bought it 3/10/2010 just died last week. Lets just say that I am not happy.



Kingston SSDNow 30GB, , I bought it 3/10/2010 just died last week. Lets just say that I am not happy.



In addition to unit cost dropping, capacities need to increase -- I'm guessing most people wouldn't want to replace a 1TB or 2TB mechanical drive with a stack of 128GB or 256GB SSD's.



Hehe.  I remember the Insight Corp ads in Computer Shopper that listed the price per MB of physical hard drives around the time everyone was drooling over the fast approaching $1/MB price point.

I also remember capacities shooting up at that point as sales picked up and everyone was upgrading or adding a second drive.  Hopefully the $1/GB price point for SSDs has the same effect.



I'm OK with current prices. But as unreliable as spinny drives are, I have heard SSDs are even more unreliable... on the order of 15-500 days until failure. Has anyone here have their $200+ SSD fail?



Yup,lasted 3 month, back to raid0 velociraptor hd. Waiting for replacement from OCZ.



Ooh, big reach there, Gartner.  I think I need to get into market research.  You can pick up a 128GB Vertex 2 drive (MPC's not-yet-updated-to-Vertex-3 Best of the Best line) for $180 after rebate at NewEgg, which works out to roughly $1.40/GB. $1/GB sometime in 2012 is not a prediction so much as what the drive manufacturers could tell you.

However, it was the $1/GB price point in hard drives that really kicked off the "keep everything" storage boom.  I think that could be the mainstream SSD adoption point, though I think it will be at $0.50/GB before we see them common in mid-range laptops and gaming/multimedia desktops.  We'll have to see prices at or near current HDD prices to see SSDs completely replace HDDs in consumer PCs. 

I'd say at $0.10-0.15 per GB, SSDs would replace HDDs for me for everything but NAS-level massive storage for incremental backups and archival.  At the current ~$0.05-0.06/GB, who needs HDDs, unless they start giving away 8TB drives as free gifts with purchase?



WOrking in IT and setting up servers and workstations, I've learned to avoid OCZ. I pretty much memorize their RMA line now.

give me an SSD that can last more than 3 years.  please....

Going with Intel...  








$1/GB is acceptable for performance-oriented drives.  I got onboard with WD Raptor drives when they reached that price point.  I bought my first SSD when OCZ Agility 2 120GB hit $200 AR.  Combined it with my old 300GB Velociraptor as a secondary drive.


Looking forward to the 256GB drives hitting $1/GB!

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