Gartner Predicts iPad Sales Will Dominate Android for at Least Four More Years



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people will buy what they see others with. the only mac product i own is a ipod touch 1g. only cause someone tossed cause the battery was weak. after i saw mac used itunes to kill limewire, we were doomed. the ipad and iphone are stolen ideas that other companies made way before mac did. they just felt the consumers were not ready for it. thats why their are soo many class action lawsuits against mac.



It won't matter. Once Nokia comes out with their Lumia "coffee" Windows 8 tab, all of the other tablets will end up being the ones grandpa uses. :)

Features :

1. Screen - 10.1 " CBD display resolution of 1536 x 2048 (255 ppi).
2. Operating system - Windows 8, with Nokia's drive and map .
3. Camera - 8mp Carl-Zeiss lens dual-LED flash.
4. Processor - 1.4 GHz Intel core Atom
5. Memory - 64 GB, 512 MB RAM.
6. 9000 mAH battery.



> As for Android, Gartner analysts pegged the main issue as being "the lack of applications that are dedicated to tablets and therefore take advantage of their capabilities."

Baloney. The Google Play store has more than enough apps to cover every category. Sure, overkill is nice too, but there's plenty of software to make Android tablets useful and desirable.

No, the real problem is that most consumers so far have no idea why they even want a tablet. Early demand has clearly been driven by those who'll buy absolutely anything that's bone-white and has a little fruit embossed on it. The next wave will be slower out of the gate, but ultimately much larger. These customers will shop feature by feature, and insist on value. And, as we've seen with *every* other category of device, most of them will not fancy Apple's way of doing things.



You know what I think could really kill the iPad? If everyone else stopped creating half-assed devices and nut-riding the tablet craze. (Nobody thought they needed one prior to the iPad's introduction. Now other manufacturers are just trying to get in on some of Apple's sales by making me-toos.) Perhaps if the PC/Android world focused on its own innovations and ignored the iPad, it may soon die out like the fad it could very well be?

...or at least stop playing the "let's wait and see what Apple does so we can either copy or 'one-up' it with immediate cheap production!" game. Vendors like Samsung, and all the rest, really should focus on creating the next big thing and taking some risks for the sake of innovation. They'd rather make a few quick and safe bucks allowing Apple to lead and dominate in this area.



I sort of agree but...
Whenever they just ignore apple - they sometimes come up with similar solutions and then apple sues them to stop the progress...
Let's break it down to what people use tablets for?
1. Internet / email
2. multimedia
3. communication
4. entertainment

If you think about it - pretty much any tablet out there - does the job, they all can access the internet, play films, show photos, use facebook/twitter/etc and play "some" games - that leaves one conclusion - (at least for me) - there's no physical need for a tablet for most people... Most of these tasks can be done on a phone or on a laptop already. So really - all the ipad sales so far in my opinion are just a hype of a product that nobody needs - but wants to have. I have a tablet myself and I rarely use it - normally when my phone is charging, when my PC is off or when I'm on the move and took it instead of the laptop - it comes handy to show photos, browse the net, play movies and reply to emails... It does the job (for me) so why have I bought a £400 Transformer instead of a £90 Chinese tablet? Well - I was after the dock and the keyboard - but then again I'm not a "standard" customer. Perhaps the tablet market is shaped by "standard users" who "don't know what they want" - and they just blindly believe whatever the marketing department @ Cupertino says to them. Tablets exist on the market for ages - and really rarely took off - mainly because the whole experience is very specific and not really worth the premium... And I'm sorry to say but Apple is driving the market on its own mainly because - they don't care about the users... They took the shortcut and designed ONE device, where you can browse the web in ONE way, where you can send attachments in your email in ONE way (more or less) and so on - they don't care about what users want - they just want to sell more ipads. Others on the other hand have to fight for the customers by making the software more flexible and better - because their clients are looking for something specific to their needs - and - surprise, surprise - they struggle to "find" that thing that would boost the Android or other tablets - why? Well because in reality - nobody would pay £400 for a computer that does LESS than a laptop they already have - some would, some have done (like myself) but it's rather difficult to justify the expense - really... And then they have to play a catch-up game with apple - because they need to keep the price down and offer the same. I mean seriously - what feature would you like to add to a tablet device? Most of them do pretty much everything you might want on a tablet... You won't have action games, you won't have AutoCad on it, you won't have Fully blown Photoshop on it... you won't have sound editing software and so on (although you can get apps "imitating" that) - it's just not needed nor ever will be. What would be really useful for Google and the lot to invest in is to make the experience as "smooth" and "thoughtful" as possible - but I will take a guess and say - they're already doing this. Problem is they have to cater for everyone and not just a bunch of blind-trusting-fanboys - so it's harder and takes longer. And finally - as this is pretty universal argument when apple is involved - whatever they say - ipads might be the majority right now - but eventually they will loose the leading position - but anyway - if you take 100% of population and let's say 20% of them have some apple product(s). That means 20% of population "MIGHT" want to buy a tablet because they already use a product from that brand. If you then take the rest of the population and ask them - would you buy a tablet? They will most likely say "no" - just because they don't see the need. The point in this is - that whatever apple says and does with tablets - majority of people will never buy them - because there are OTHER devices that do the same - and ipads might only be "relevant" to the 20% of the market just because they already own apple products. Anyway - sorry for a long post - just expressing my own views.



"As for Android, Gartner analysts pegged the main issue as being "the lack of applications that are dedicated to tablets and therefore take advantage of their capabilities." In other words, it's the same old song (price) and dance (fragmentation/apps)."

Its just the price of tablets. Most will buy a $200 tablet. Less will by one at $400-500. Make it cheaper and people will come.



Keep dreaming, Apple. We'll pass you up on tablet sales too. :-)

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