Gartner Predicts Big Gains for Android by 2010



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It's kind of obvious though.


By the end of the year, Acer will have 1 phone, Samsung will have 3 or 4, HTC already has 4 released plus 3 more soon, Motorola has 2 announced plus another in the works, and there are already a handful of Chinese knock offs. And those are just already announced phones, Creative has 2 devices, Archos has 1 announced and a phone rumored, and Dell might have a phone too.


I Jedi

Yeah, it looked like Android was kind of stalled for awhile with G1 being the only smartphone out there for quite awhile. However, as said, more smartphones for Android are coming out, especially this year. Android's popularity will continue to increase and with a little lukc, it'll take 2nd place.

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