Gartner: PC Shipments Slow Down in 2011, Long Term Outlook "Worrisome"



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I fail to see why so many people don't understand this issue very well. Thinking it means PCs will disapper or something. On the other side of the coin are people who don't understand why anyone would buy a lesser powered device when a PC can offer so much more.

PC sales are going to slip because we now have other devices that are (if not in my mind, in the mind of many people) better for certain tasks like surfing the internet or checking mail (if not simply because they are more portable). Of course, it also might have something to do with the fact that there are few few people buying PCs who aren't just replacing an old one.

This does NOT mean PCs are going to die. Those devices aren't replacing EVERYTHING a PC is good at. A computer with a big screen and studry keyboard is still something people are going to want, it's just probably not the first thing someone is going to buy if they have a limited budget and a lot of choice. If I were going to be spending the next few years between a dorm and my parents house, a laptop would be a very tempting option... and some people only need a tablet or smartphone to take care of their computing needs.

I'm not too concerned, because I do think there will always be a market for system builders like myself. We're already a niche market, so I don't think this is that big a deal.



Given the fact that the economy is in a slump and work is hard to find, I can't imagine a lot of youths have enough money to set aside for a PC. Plus, college is all but pointless at the moment since tuition is going up and financial aid is going down. 



Do these reports take into account the parts that are bought individually by compentent people that can build their own computer?

I can understand why crappy HP's and Dell's are going down hill...because they suck.




I'm guessing they wouldn't take system builders into account. People like you are few and far between in the grand scheme of sales. Most people just walk into Best Buy or WalMart and get their boxes off the shelf.

Last person I literally spoke to, who was "upgrading" on his  WinXP 32-bit PC, couldn't figure out why it wouldn't recognize the 5 GB of RAM he had thoughtfully and meticulously installed.



With the exception of a Ballistic Gaming rig, all of my PCs are modded HPs.  As long as HP is around I will exclusivly buy HP.  HP has their own dedicated forum for gamers where top contributors help anyone there who wants to upgrade their rigs over time piece by piece.  Obviously these PCs won't be anywhere close to "cutting-edge" but they do get the job done.  Personally my only complaint with HP PCs is their locked BIOS.  I understand that for warrenty reasons they don't want BIOS being messed with, but it would be nice to have it open.



I hate to bear bad news to you, but HP is getting out of the PC business, they will still be around, but PC's no more unless something has changed since I last heard. Although from my perspective I have always hated HP's.



Agreed with Neufeldt. If you can download the entire New Testament in 20 nanoseconds that only takes 10 nanoseconds on a newer machine, does it really make any difference? How about a million iterations of pi in under thirty seconds? Oh yeah, we all need that... I'd better go buy a new computer!



I really just don't understand why all these firms that predict the growth of things can't understand that in the real world computers are the first thing that get cut from the list of things to purchase when the economy is crap. Not to mention that today's upgrades are not all that much better for the average user than the 1-3 year old computers they have now.




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