Gartner Gushes Over the iPad, Tells CEOs to Drink the Kool-Aid



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Once again, we have Gartner blowing hot air up exec's arses. The iPad is a neato device, but it only makes business sense in limited scenarios. Using propaganda to force it's way in is not going to work in my business environment. The device makes no sense here. Windows based tablets might, but such restrictive environment within the iOS world does not.

Nobody that I know in the tech realm listens to Gartner. They may hear them, but nobody listens. The upper management sometimes does unfortunately, and this usually leads to disappointing results.



By the time someone becomes a CEO in a non-tech company, they are usually old enough that they (1) aren't terribly computer savy, and (2) tend to over-use words like 'nifty'.

The iPad has some really cool features that seem super-innovative to old(er) people (like touch screens) - features whcih have the potential to truly revolutionize the way we do business on a daily basis.  Mr. Prentice does innovation for a living, so it makes sense that he is interested in Apple products; the problem in this case is Prentice's specific focus on a BRAND (Apple) and not a form-factor (tablets).

The company I work for may be using tablets heavily in the future, but the only person in the company talking about iPads is the top big cheese... why?  Because to him, a Samsung Galaxy and an iPad are the same thing.  It's like saying Scotch Tape instead of cellophane tape.  As an organization, we probably won't us the iPad because it lacks support for so many things we need: printing, flash, memory cards, and, and.... but we will be using tablets of some sort.



So, can the iPad run Microsoft Office suits (the primary office suit used around the world)? Can it easily hook up to Exchange and operate properly (the primary mail server used most places around the world)?

How well does it handle thousand line excel spreadsheets or presentations in the hudreds of MB range?

If the CEO at my work wants to waste his money on an iPad, good for him. But there's no way in HELL that it's going on my network, or am I going to support it!

The iPad has far too many shortcomings for it to be anything more than a glorified eBook reader or iPod touch!



Sure, the iPad could follow the same footsteps of the iPod. New and interesting product when it came out and is now one of the more popular devices around, but only because no one seems to know or care about the alternatives. Outside of apps, it's really just an average device compared to the rest of the field (Cowon anyone?)

For the iPad to actually be useful in the business world,  it would have to allow businesses to have their own special software on it, as well as a team of programmers and technicians to write the software that the company would need on it, not to mention support. Can't imagine many companies liking the idea of paying someone to write whatever program they need, then wait while apple determines if it's worthy to be on the iPad, and then PAY for their own software that they wrote, while their competitors can also see the software they wrote. It just wouldn't work. Apple would have to let them have full access to it.



I wonder how much apple is giving him to push their crap.



Why would any business seriously consider adopting what is essentially a very expensive proprietary toy?

He's not just drinking the Kool-Aid, I think he's got an IV.



The hospital my brother works as an IT guy uses what is essentiall a tablet PC for the nursing staff.  Its more efficient and consistent than using written orders. 

I can see tablets being very useful in a lot of businesses, especially those sales positions where a laptop is inconvenient but a cell phone screen isn't big enough.

Hell those tablets would make great media system remotes.



Ahhh, but those tablets aren't iPads. I have no doubt that tablets can be very useful in the workplace, but not with an iPad. Huge difference.

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