GammaTech's RT10C Tablet Invites You to Run Roughshod



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Philippe Lemay

lol VGA? Why would you need an i7 processor if it's just going to be bottle-necked by that graphics connector?



There was -- and probably still is -- a saying when I was in the Corps: Give a grunt two steel balls 6" in diameter, strip him naked, and throw him and the balls into a padded room with no exits. Lock the door and leave for five minutes. When you come back, one ball will be broken and the other will be missing.

A Marine would turn this thing into a puddle of goo in four seconds flat.



Love the classic analogy there, but to be realistic (for the sake of arguement) it will never come to that. You know that if these ever make it to a line battalion, they will possibly give out 1 to each company, and the rest will go to S-3 or S-2 and sit on shelves while in garrison or in Pelican cases while forward deployed. Those that do make it to a line company will sit in the COC for the 1stSgt to play with and watch porn on, and maybe for one of the Lt's to fool around with when the 1stSgt is bored with it. Thats exactly what happened to our unmanned little robots that had cameras (MARCbot) on them and our RQ-11 Raven UAV's. The CLIC team on night watch would drive/fly them around the FOB to watch people jacking off in the open top shitters or whatever, but they served no tactical military use.
Just my opinion from personal experience though.



Wait...Can you drop it 13 times from 6 feet in the air?



Watch out for that 27th time though...

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