GammaTech Serves Up Semi-Rugged Durabook CA10 Tablet for $1,299



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lol $1,299



I will still take the Dell latitude laptop, get the 9 cell battery and the add on battery for the optical drive for 20 hours of usage!. Water resistant and dust resistant, sunlight readable screen, rugged, good looking can work on it, even play games with a 1gb discrete video card hello left 3 dead! Oh yeah 256 ssd and bluetooth and high end wireless card. I know its still a laptop but until slates can get 12 plus hours of battery and you can really get work done you are better off having the latitude that can do everything and maybe a 200 dollar kindle or other toy slate for quick trips or travels. I have the latitude and until they make a combo slate, latitude which will probably be next year better to go with the laptop and the toy cuz the toys still cant get the job done.



10/10 would not bang



$1,299? Is there a tablet enthusiasts crowd I'm not aware of?




Give me a break!!


Renegade Knight

7 or 8. Though why you would put 7 on a tablet at this point I don't know.



I seriously don't know what these moronic companies are thinking.

They spend so much time making it look sleek and shiny when 99% of the people buy it and then put a phone condom on it.

Why aren't they offering the condom with the phone or at least models for a few bucks more with a rugged case?

They are missing out on tons of cash. There are millions of phone cases being sold.

This however is just redickulous. $1200? It better jack me off and make me toast in the morning.


Renegade Knight

The market is for specialized software for industrial/military/hospital use. They will make bank selling these things.

What they won't do though is sell them to Joe Consumer or even Joe Power User.



Can't say I'm really impressed by the specs or the price.

Upon further review, this thing is really a POS for whatever price they're asking.



I was just thinking the same thing. huh... kinda expensive for the hardware better to just buy the surface pro if you like win 8 interface for your touch functionality. I am with android only because i don't like the direction microsoft is heading with win 8, a little to pre-closed system for me, i like to have full control of my system.

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