Gaming Roundup 9/8/08: Hey Denton, Look!



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Seriously.  It is only "the greatest first person shooter with RPG elements to seperate it from the other first person shooters" in the history of video gaming, on any platform.  Dont you love it when people quote themselves?  Anyway, thats how I honestly feel about the game.  In fact, I get a happy giggly feeling every time I think about it.  Now, the follow up Deus Ex: The Invisible War... not so much.  It was fun, but it pales in comparison to the first one.  Heres to hoping DEx3 is as awesome as DEx1!!



I agree about the text.  That has to go the way of the Ford Pinto and fast (at least, faster than the Pinto).

One thing I wish game developers would do is stop creating the notion of 'even teams' on FPS games.  Every weapon side A has is also on side B--with a different skin.  I want to see gameplay change so instead of going 32 to 32, make it 16 highly armed/armored opponents against 48 weaker people.  Make it about sound coordinated attacks instead of every single person out for himself.

Oh, and make something with a traitor in it.  Every good war story has a dark character who sabotages his own team.



"Every good war story has a dark character who sabotages his own team"

3 guesses which lame duck this brings to mind immediately... 




I think it is important that rules be set for programers to have for PC Gaming.  I hope that this will not stop progress on pushing PC's too the max either with forward thinking.  Just have a playable base line so everyone can play PC games and build from there would be a good thing.




No worries...macbook's users can make webpages for their cats till some poor developer decides they deserve to have real fun.

As for Deus's about time there was another cyber-punk game that I could look forward too,...lets just hope it's not as mundane as the second one...couldn't hold a candle to the first one.

Already things are looking up in the post-nuclear-apocalypse genre.

EA...has to be joking.



If you're a mac-only user, gaming couldn't possibly be that important to you.  You'll get over it.

I'm, legitimately and rationally I believe, concerned about Deus Ex 3.  Just like I've become highly skeptical that Fallout 3 will be anything but a shadow of its predecessors, I fear what they might do to further insult the Deus Ex name.  Although, after what they did to it with DX2, I don't suppose they could do much more harm.  At worst I guess it would be like kicking a dead guy in the nuts.  It's not gonna do any real damage, but it's still distasteful.



Nothing worse than playing a tactical FPS and seeing explosions that make fantasy-style warp distoritions in the air.  So lame!  Should be locked in a time capsule with all the lens flare from the late '90s.

Keep it gritty, and I'm talking to you, EA.



no more expanding rippling shockwaves??

 damn.  well can I still keep my mushroom clouds at least..? and my nanosuit...oh, and my laciviously lush tropical environments too.  Those are all "gritty", right??

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