Gaming Roundup 9/3/08: Sex, Drugs, and Heroism



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I am playing FEAR Perseus Mandate at the moment and ran across a cute add by Alienware selling their Pcs. In the game you go up to their computer which shows active when you get close and hit the use key to get in game story from a person that supposedly left a message. Also I found a XPS Dell! This type of add is smart and fun at the same time. If they use their heads like this in using adds I would almost look forward to seeing them and maybe even post them in the Game hey did you see what game company X did in the latest game for adds that added to the fun in playing the game! I don't feel like going out to buy an Alienware or Dell Pc at the moment but with some one else ya never know!

If the adds are blatent I would ignore the new games and be happy plying my old games over...Baldurs Gate anyone?





How many time are you going to reuse this discussion.  I think its the 3rd time I've seen it in the last month.

 Its time tomove onas there is nothing more to be seen here.



Really? I always thought gaming was a nice topic. I guess I could do a Golf Roundup or something.



I am 42 and have subsribed to MAX PC since it was BOOT..

I have every console known to man except for a few obscurities like the Jaguar or the FM Towns...

I just wanted to say I can remember seeing an ad in a game maybe back in the Sega Genesis days it was the greatest thing since sliced bread...

 I think it was on a bilboard for a namco game and we were all like. "did you see that"That was cool, and we would look for it again and again.

it was cool and still is unless it is out of place or just in your face.

Remember guys.

Everything in moderation.

If the Ad is the thing that helps the developer get the game on the shelf and of course allows us gamers to play it, then I am all for it. if it's just a way to make some rich guy an extra buck then, well you all know the deal about that.

 Thank you




agreed.  I'm all for in-game advertising if it will mean the companies pushing the ads are helping pay for the development of the games, and therefore lead to games costing less.  Or, have 2 different versions:  one that's cheap and has ads, or you can opt to pay more and get an ad-less game.



God that would be awesome.  I think it's time for me to watch my Firefly DVD's again.



...and besides who has time to look at ads, when your the one getting your ass nailed to a wall.



Grand Theft Auto Blamed for Saving Family
This is almost as bad as the guy that claims that "America's Army" helped him save someone's life (CPR)
-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-




Bad enough you can't turn around without hitting an advertisement on the Web.  Why aren't these advertisers paying ME RENT for taking up MY screen space!  This is worse than the product-placement epidemic in the movies!  Bad enough a movie ticket costs $8, a courtesy cup of soda costs $4(!!) and the $6 kid-size container of popcorn contains enough salt and fat to bring down an elephant!  is NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE!!!



Paying rent for your screen space? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Maybe you should have to pay a website before you can download any one of its pages. How would you like that? Your using THEIR bandwidth and server load, which is not free. If it wasn't for ads most free websites wouldn't exist.



After playing 30 some hours of enemy territories quake wars, I think the advertizing is fine. I don't even notice it. if you hadn't told me, i wouldn't have even known. I think the level that it is in quake is fine. I don't think that it sould increase beyold that, but it is fine with me as it is.

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