Gaming Roundup 9/10/08: Liar, Liar



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Im not going to have at him.  He has the right idea.

 Also I for one don't like the idea of purchasing games online.  I also don't like the idea of having to keep the disk in my computer after installation.  I'd rather purchase the games by physically walking into a store (that's why we have legs) and then have them saved to your harddrive and have the product validated by the publisher's servers, whenever you want to use it.

 The internet will never be a secure place for purchasing information.  I don't care if your credit card # is incripted etc. on the way from your computer to the server, the internet will never be a safe place for purchasing software (let alone hardware).


Desktops > laptops

Payphone > Cellphone

Cheap mp3 player > Ipods & Zunes

A piece of paper > PDA

Anime box sets > Digital copies

Me 8====D your mom



um...Gamestop CEO Dan I can't...I just can' I can bash him he has the mind of a child! But I'll give it a whirl.

Is he actually saying this? It's hard to read because he jumps topics like a grasshopper. And I haven't had coffee yet.

Why does he think a retail copy of a game on a hard drive is safer than an online purchase-download-while-at-work game of the same name? Why does he think we won't have made innovations in our internet accessibility by the time a game is 30GB in size. Nothing, short of not making the game, has ever slowed down piracy...

It's like that congress lady of escapes me and I'm not in the mood to google it...but she apparently hadn't realized we had landed on the moon...

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