Gaming Roundup 8/29/08: Bandaged Edge



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While I like longer games, I prefer it to have quality content rather than generic kill and fedex missions to grind for levels.  There's really no need for that.

The absolute MOST important thing for me is that the game be moddable.  Then we can add our own additional content and prolong the lifespan of the game, as well as make it more fun and interesting.  Oblivion is the perfect example.  The game was a real yawner when it came out, due largely to the retarded way it would make enemies increase in power as you level up, ensuring that you never encountered an enemy you couldn't defeat, and that even rats would be a match for you even though you're at level 20.  Ridiculous system.  The magic system was pretty crappy as well. 

Now there are over 10,000 mods available for Oblivion, many of them adding a lot of new quests, characters, weapons, armor, spells, monsters, even entire cities.  They fix most of the bugs in the game, including the horrible console-ish interface, add more hotkey capabilities, fix the stealth system, and so many more things that I couldn't possibly list them all.  It's a completely different game now, and about 100 times better than the original.  That's what makes modability the most essential aspect of a game for me, and often makes the difference in whether I buy it or not.



Of course PC games don't need huge specs.  Software vendors tend to aggrevate the the problems, by setting "minimum specs," that result in a pretty poor game experience --just so they will sell more games.  (Then of course, the poor experience leads to flaming and eventually a hardware upgrade.)

As far as WOW, I have not & will not play.  The subscription rate, along with the amount of time I could possibly play  ---just happens to make the amounts I left in video arcades as a kid, seem fairly reasonable, on a per hour basis.

 (I also happen to think that if my ISP is getting $60/month for broadband, they should be able to get their customers a deeply discounted rate on that kind of subscription.)

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