Gaming Roundup 8/25/08: Freedom from F.E.A.R.



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"The developer didn't intend you to experience the game that way" - Really?

So how do you explain that when you type in "God" (or whatever your favey is) into some games via the 'dev mode cheat' it does nothing but on other games it makes you invincible. It is because the developers HAD to put in the code to allow cheats to work on the game. They had to PURPOSELY input the ability to have the ~ console (or whatever method they choose to use) accept certain words to modify certain aspects of the gameplay. I don't have to download a crack or mod or anything. I just have to type in words into an unmodified game.

"The developer didn't intend you to experience the game that way" -  False!


Fanboys are annoying. Price/Performance is top priority. Patience=Awesome.



I'm sad that L4D is delayed.



I don't play online game so I don't feel bad when I pop in an infinite life code, or health, or ammunition. Sometimes, the game is still challenging. I get frustrated when I keep dying at the same spot and then have to start the level over. The game isn't fun anymore.

However, I think that if you are playing online with other people, you shouldn't up your stats.



Well, if EA has their way...cheating will just be another source of income for the developer. 

Just imagine Warhammer Online...if EA does the same here as they do with their console games...instead of getting the "buy our gold messages" from the spammers, it will be a "System Message".



My view of cheating in a game is that you are really cheating yourself out of something you are too lazy to accomplish yourself and this says a lot about YOU!

 You can't cheat in the real world and get away with it for long, so why cheat yourself out of the 50 bucks you paid for the game. I don't know about you but I have to work for my money and would like to think it was well spent on a game I wanted to play. If you have to cheat to win I feel sorry for you.




kinda bummed that LFD was delayed.  the next fear looks great too. 



Wow, Yasuhara's comments are easily THE most insightful I've ever heard come out of any game developer (digital or otherwise) about what's going on in the heads of those who play.  And my educated spidey-sense tells me that he's right on the money.

Think about it the next time you catch yourself using body english to try to influence the path of the ball in Peggle, or the next time you read the cheat guide BEFORE you play through some game the first time, or the next time you waste an extra 20 minutes in your fav game because you absolutely refuse to move on to the next level/map/board/zone/galaxy/dungeon until you have killed every single last frikkin enemy in the one you're currently on (like I do).  Now think about your personal favorite games of all time, I bet what made many of them so fun for you is a lot more fear-based (or successful/rewarding avoidance of fear-based) than you probably realized.



there are servers where people dont care about cheating. It's only in multiplayer games online and such that you affect other people and when they want to enjoy a game "the way its meant to be played" that its a problem.



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