Gaming Roundup 8/22/08: Freedom



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Moore has an extremely valid point. In all the years since pirating movies, music and games became a viable solution for the everyday pc user what exactly have those respective industries done to stop it? Absolutely nothing except for hassling the paying consumer with copy protection that doesn't work/limits use/or installs malware.

As long as there are desirable games. movies and music there will ALWAYS be people who get it for free. I don't care what new protection scheme these companies think of, there will always be someone out there that will crack it. The sooner these companies realize that and just move on and concentrate on providing quality services to paying consumers the better off everyone will be.

Until the day that the entire world is monitored a la Minority Report there is absolutely no way to stop the underground industry.



Moore is right about not suing his consumers.

Maybe a solution could come from the music industry as well. Developers could offer games in "episodes" on a name-your-own-price basis like Radiohead did for its last album. At least its a neat marketing gimmick. Piraters wouldn't pirate cuz you could get the legit version for free or damn close to free. The developers could also make some extra dough on the ads that run in their digital distribution software. (Not that anyone really wants to see MORE ads.)



It's an interesting idea, and I'd like to see a publisher try it at some point. But as great as some people's irrational hate for them seems to be, I think ads are the solution. Make your game free, then cut advertising deals right and left. Throw in a few microtransactions, and if you're game is good, you'll hopefully pull in a profit.



I've always said I don'tmind ads in games as long as they look like they belong.  Hell I just saw an ad for Deathrace on a billboard in BF2142.  Actually thought that was pretty cool.  Probably would have smiledif it were condom ads or womens santitary devices.

Now if they interrupt game play to bring you this very special message from such and such, that's when I quit playing. And not just that game, but any game made by that company.

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