Gaming Roundup 8/20/08: Eye Candy



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Good god, Heavy Rain looks pointless. Dragon's Lair anyone?




"With any luck, Doroshow will become the canines within the ESA's
all-bark-and-no-bite set of pearly whites. And with how hard they seem
to be banking on Doroshow, we can only hope he'll come through for
them. Lord knows, they need something to swing in their favor."

 Are you nuts? If this guy starts using RIAA style tactics, I will fully endorse pirating from any member of the ISA. This organization sued gramma's and dead people, and if that guy worked for them, the game industry deserves all the piracy it can get.



"the game industry deserves all the piracy it can get."

 Overall point noted, but don't rope the whole industry into this. Just because the ESA screws up doesn't mean publishers should suffer. The ESA does its thing (generally lobbying against censorship and copyright infringement) and publishers pay in order to benefit. However, publishers don't decide what the ESA does -- at least, not directly.



It's certainly going to be a tightrope walk for the ESA with their new bloodhound. Hopefully they will root out the real pirates thereby allowing those of us who are loyal, paying gamers to enjoy more quality games in the future.

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