Gaming Roundup 8/19/08: For the PC Gaming Alliance!



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Nice write mate 

"we Plan for Tomorrow, but we Live for Today"



 Well let's run the list of what I owned from the absolute beginning:

Oddessy 100: Pong...well there was only pong and hockey, and as I was about 7, pong was too tough.At least hockey had walls.

Pet: "Lemonaide stand" couldn't hold a candle to "Snoopy".

Atari 2600: oh so many... ET the Extra Terrestrial (the game that all but brought down the console and indeed the industry, Swordquest series (did these have a challenge other than randomly picking up and dropping items?) and the biggest "could have been" disappointment, the 2600 port of Pac Man.

Commodore 64: The Data East port of Ikari Warriors. Slow response/what the heck is that blob supposed to be?!!! I payed a lot of money for this garbage!!!

Playstation 1: Twisted metal 3 - so hard to control, camera so far away, so unlike 1 and 2

PC: (My own text adventure comes to mind, but seriously...). Hard to think off hand, but could quite possibly "Tekwar". I'm sure I'm forgetting something though.


"There's no time like the future."



Ooh, so many to choose from, sadly.  I'll go with Tribes:  Vengeance, however, as that game utterly ruined everything that was fun about Tribes 1 (and even 2, to a more limited extent).  Tribes: Vengeance did to the Tribes series what Joel Schumacher did with Tim Burton's Batman.  Poor online play, abysmally developed linear solo missions... the only thing that was missing was neon attached to Thompson machine guns. 

As for the console being dead, I don't believe it will die.  There are hoardes of people who can't afford a decent gaming rig who will gladly spend a few hundred dollars on a console.  Sure, they may not be able to game as effectively as those of us on the PC, but they also don't have to worry about games that won't play/look as good (most of the time, anyways).  Besides--a console is excellent for parents who want to have a little more control over what their child can do in their off hours.



The first Tribes game with a single player campaign --come on, man! 

Of course, I don't have broadband, so I never had the expectation of an on-line use at all.  If that's the worst game you've shelled out cash for, you're lucky.


Mine would be the Original Die-Hard Trilogy.  Yes, it was bad, and I knew it had bad reviews --but $6 out of the bargain bin, it might have 1 good game out of the 3, right??? 

A: No, not really.   Game 1,horrible --w/worst camera use I've seen & dropped items that fall through solid walls.  Game 2, some hilariously funny moments, but pretty boring over-all.  Game 3, a knock-off of the original "Area-51"style arcade game --insanely difficult with keyboard & mouse.

It's really hard to make $6 seem like over-charging, but they found a way.  Cheap was that package's best feature.




Battecruiser - I really don't need to say anything more than the only reason I even have it is that Babbagges (at the time) was giving it away to clear shelf space (you know when PC games had shelf space).


I liked Daggerfall, but I do think that its biggest problem was that it was very very ambitious. Hence, tons of bugs, and a not so good interface ( don't want a 3d map of the dungeon, I just wanna get out!). Morrowind, Oblivion fixed those short commings by taking a lot out, narowing the game a bit, but adding more depth in return - you might enjoy. 




1.  Dark and Light - It was just after they made the last big change to Star Wars Galaxies and killed the game play and my Creature Handler Profession.  I was bitter and looking for a new game.  And I didn't want to drink from the WoW fountain (oh how silly I was at the time).  This was a flegling company with big asperations....I even talked a few guild members into coming with me.  It was just awful.  Terrible!  Graphics were so very bad and gameplay was non exsistent.  I should have known not to trust the French!


2.  And I know I will be flamed for this...Daggerfall.  It was just an awful awwwwwwful game.  Say what you will, the depth and replayability and all that....but that was just an terrible boring ugly game.  At least it was still at the time that the EB took back software.  I won't play Oblivion just because the same company made Daggerfall (or at least some of the same creators anyway).


Keith E. Whisman

When I'm laying restless in bed and I can't sleep I'll open the most recent issue of CPU magazine that's probably 3 or 4 months old because I can't justify the cost for a subscription for such a boring magazine that used to be quite entertaining back in it's first few years. Alex St. John has the most boring column in that magazine. He is always waxing on his days long ago when he was younger and skinnier. His time at Microsoft and hatred for microsoft. I really don't think to highly of Mr. St. John but I respect him for his place in PC history. He was there, I mean he was in on the creation of Direct X 1.0. He was there for Glide. I know this after falling asleep too many times while reading his columns in that over priced crappy magazine that used to be very entertaining. I can go on and on...

Well the worst game of all time for me would be the FPS Gods and Generals. I'm a real history buff and I read the three books that this movie is based off of by Jeff and Michael Shaara. This movie was based off the first book of the same name. The movie came after the first movie Gettysburg which is based off the second bood The Killer Angels. So I really liked the books and the two really long films were glorious at least for me. The game on the other hand just plain sucked. The graphics were aged and the game play was terrible. I took the disc and broke it then I burned it to make sure it was dead.

The Sims... I was really sick and tired of this game within twenty minutes. I could'nt get my sim layed to save my life. It's amazing I was able to meet a girl and get married and have kids. I was 32 though. I fail at this game just as well as I failed at my life. Too boring and depressing. If I could arm the sims and get them to join the US army and goto Iraq or Afghanistan then I might think about playing it again. Other than that barbi dolls are for girls.  Unless they make a Crack whore Barbi or Las Vegas Strip prostitute Barbi. Same thing for the Sims..




Ugh, Sims is the bane of my existence.  My wife purhased everything with Sims 1, and with Sims 2.  She is eagerly awaiting Sims 3, and I am going to invest in better headsets for her so I don't even have to listen to it.



"I took the disc and broke it then I burned it to make sure it was dead."

You sir, are supremely devoted to your cause. I applaud your commitment. 

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