Gaming Roundup 8/15/08: Soul of Rock



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Keith E. Whisman

How about Giligans Island as a First Person Shooter? The castaways vs that Japanese midget submarine commander.

Or Grand Theft Auto Brady Bunch edition.

Or Eight is Enough RTS or The next great MMO based on The Muppet Show.

Or The A-Team Squad shooter.

Or The Smurfs BF1942 Clone.

I can go on and on.



haha Muppet Show MMO...I would love to be able to play as a lvl40 Dr. Bunsen Honeydew LOL

I think I would pay to see somebody do a Muppets mod for WoW or something



Hollywood and pc gaming are like genetic first cousins, so any offspring they produce will likely have something "that just ain't right" about them (as history has generally proven so far).  I do think that pc games will continute to progress into more "movie-like" presentations, but that's more a milestone on the road to "life-like" than it is their final evolutionary fate.  Although characters/plots/themes/franchises will always continue to be shared between the two, movies and pc gaming will still be two distinct different ways to deliver a story, and there will always be an audience for both.  Some people will just want to sit back and absorb the story, some people will want to get in and play it, change it, live it.

Someday there may be a great movie that's spawned by a pc game, and someday there may be a stellar game based on a movie...but I'm not really holding my breath for either.

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