Gaming Roundup 8/14/08: People Can Fly



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who me? lol

The last article is the best though... "70 percent of those surveyed said they are making games for the PC/Mac, compared to 43 percent who are making console games, 28 percent who are making games for web platforms and 16 percent who are making portable games (DS, PSP)"

The picture looks a lot better from that perspective, when we stop trying to break PC gamers down into all the stupid categories like "casual", "enthusiast", and "closet recreational gamer who lives out hardcore cyberpunk alterego at night".  wtf.  PC gaming as an industry will stand or fall as one...discounting the importance of certain segments of it ignores this fact.



Ah crap, does this mean Epic won't be releasing on steam anymore? Boo EA I don't want to use your crappy download service!



Nah, Epic's Steam stuff is fine. Epic is an EA Partner -- actually, so is Valve, among many others. Basically, it means EA will publish a game, and then they'll go from there. Right now, only this new project by People Can Fly is part of the EA deal. So yeah, no need to worry.

Bonus: Here's everything you need to know about EA Partners:


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