Gaming Roundup 7/8/08: Brrr...There's an Actiblizzard Blowing In



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Sounds like someone wanted to sell High, so to speak.

 Blizzard is sitting pretty with Diablo 3 & StarCraft 2 being developed and WoW still going strong. What reason would a company that is making money everymonth (residual income anyone) over 8 million players, even if only half of them are active that $14.99 a month from 4 million peeps (or $12.99 if they pay for a year in advance).

 So why sell? ... O.o

Oh well, I am excited to see what changes are made, note* I am not part of the 8 million so good or bad I will be watching as a curious bystandard.


- Cadon Mado 



So what does this leave us with now, except Ea and Blizzard/Activison. It seems like whenever a standalone company makes something good you usually have someone else buy them and ruin the whole thing.



Gaming is a business foremost, so buyouts happen. Note that Blizzard/Vivendi was looking to sell -- not the other way around. In an interview, Blizzard said that they chose Activision. Point is, you can't always blame the big, evil corporation for this kind of thing.

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