Gaming Roundup 7/3/08: Gaming Rocks, But Led Zeppelin Isn't Game



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that wont stop pirates (not the good ones any way) that would just encourage game imulators that could be used to play alot of the other games they are trying to save from piracy



So instead of spending money to have cutting edge hardware people can spend their money modding their consoles to run pirated console games.  Guys like this exec are retards that want to make excuses for their failings.  I'm guessing he's not willing to entertain the idea that nobody wants to pay for Madden '200x' because EA hasn't made any substantial enhancements to Madden to entice players (they would claim to have but really only cosmetic tweaks take place).  I do agree with the fact that in the specific case of Madden most people want to play against friends in front of a big screen which has nothing to do with piracy.  I also don't understand how EA can F up Tiger Woods for the PC. There seem to be more features in the console version which is baffling.  My opinion is that EA is to big for it's own good. If they want to go console only please let them and make room for people that are creative thinkers.



Immulators can be run on compuers. I would never spend money on a consol.



Sporty football games are meant for console anyways, let em have em.

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