Gaming Roundup 7/30/08: Jet Set Radioooo!



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I like good graphics. I don't think we should have to compromise on either graphics or gameplay. Give me both.



I really can't seem to get into the MMO world, it all seems so pointless to spend that much time on something that only benefits your virtual character. MMO's can become so serious that it really isn't fun anymore staying up till the wee hours of the morning to reach that next level, and the reason I play games is for the enjoyment and sort of care-free experience. I think it's sad to see so many new games that are just more MMO's or RPG's, I'd really like to see some innovation in areas that really need it (Yes, I'm talking to you Mr. First-Person Shooter). I feel like the gaming industry is stagnating (especially on the PC), and it needs a boost from an innovative company.


Am I right? Or should I be taken behind the shed and shot for herecy?



I can't get into MMO's because I'm not going to pay $200 a year to play a game when I can play Team Fortress 2 all year long for free.



I'd say it's a matter of taste. Take me, for instance: I hate games that are frustratingly difficult. Call me what you will, but I just don't like getting my ass beaten by a game because, as you said, I play games for enjoyment. And when my controller is firmly embedded in the wall, it's not the only one that isn't having fun anymore.

But other people love themselves some masochistic, er, "fun" and that's how they get their jollies. In a similar manner, MMOs and RPGs, for a certain group of people that, according to recent numbers, is 10 million strong, are great fun. Yes, even when they're raiding until the early birds start chirping, they'll still whoop and holler with glee when their guild finally downs that brutal boss. 

Not that I had two years of personal experience or anything.  



It is still messed up for me and I use firefox



I guess your web developer is one of those snotty douches who thinks that firefox is the only browser on the planet and that you don't care if your site looks garbled on IE whatsoever. For the past week the entire top portion of the nav is in huge h1 tags and is messed the F up. The bottom also doesn't display horizontally, but vertically and is also comepletly messed up. It's cool - only about 90% of the population use it but I guess we should all convert over to firefox to view max pc.



Yeah, I also use Firefox 3 and experienced more or less the same issue you're describing for a little while.  In addition to Will's suggestion of a "hard refresh" or clearing your cache, you could also try playing with the text size - change it from whatever you have it set on to something else and then back again.  I'm not an expert on IE, but I think this would have the effect of forcing it to look at the newest version of the stylesheet.  Anywho...


Lol @ the last bit about Aerosmith.



 Get over your hate for all things "not part of the 90% norm" and unwind a bit. My Firefox 3 had the same issue as well for a couple days. I just accepted it and moved on, knowing it didn't affect the balance of the universe or the air speed of the yellow tailed swallow...


Try to be smarter than the object you're working with! It will make things easier, and might just save your life...



They made some sort of stylesheet tweak the other day, which Firefox knew to reload since the stylesheet changed. IE7 apparently doesn't check as frequently. If you clear your cache, or do a shift or ctrl+ reload (not sure what it is on IE), it will fix the problem.

Getting IE7 to stop using cached stylesheets is one of the problems that plagued the browser since like version 5.



It was doing that to me on Firefox yesterday, so it's not just IE. Seems to be fixed now, though.



never played morrowind but I'm extremely fond of Oblivion, it was my first real rpg since ff7 since i flat out refuse to ever try a game like WoW. Excellent game, wish it had an mmo counterpart.

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