Gaming Roundup 7/29/08: The Double-D Word



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I am probably one of two people still playing Dawn of War. Actually I play the Soulstorm Expansion Pack. I am eagerly awaiting DoW2. I love the Warhammer 40K universe. I wouldn't mind seeing an RPG or MMORPG based on it. 

I am also playing Sins of a Solar Empire. Sins is a bit slow for my liking, but I'm playing it through a few times to give it a chance. The game's concept is compelling, more for its "comprehesiveness" and scope than its [lack of] story line. I might actually take this one online to play.

Speaking of online, I usually only play online with my best friend. The one thing that guarantees a game ends up at the bottom of my pile is difficult networking (I'm looking at you NWN and Sins!!) DoW works great for directly hosted and online games. And it works with XFire.

As for overall loyalties, I like Relic and Blizzard. They've both put out some great games. I am anxiously awaiting DoW2, StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3. It's too bad Blizzard never followed through on the StarCraft: Ghost idea. That might have convinced me to go back to FPS's.



I've decided that there are some developers that truley care about what their medium is designed to be... an ineractive, cinematic, and entertaining experience that tells a real story.  Having just finished the awe-inspiring experience that was MASS EFFECT I lump Bioware in that group, except for the fact that their next project is an MMO (the very bane of the gaming industry and ultimate sell out and cash cow move).  Blizzard, i feel, is the one company that doesn't care about its fans (no matter how many fan boys it has).  They have made millions on the same game, repackaged (Diablo, War craft, and now starcraft).  Making sequels that add a couple new units, spells, and maps does not make them legendary.  While leaders in each of these games respected genres are often ignored by changing the formula that WC, SC, and C&C started (and are still trying to pound into our brains that its fun... even if it is ten+ years old), such as relic with Company of Heroes and the Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War series or the Supreme Commander series.  Games that involve tactics, not just rushing with the most of the weekest unit you have the fastest.  Or the click-fest that is Diablo instead of RPG's that tell real stories and whose interactivity with the world is more than missions and selling loot (Neverwinter Nights, Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic I & II, Vampires the Masquerade: Bloodlines).  I feel the developers behind the Prince of Persia series, Civilazation, and Max Payne all have found their nitch in the record books for storytelling and the rush you get when you land a difficult jump, or drop your first nuke, or take out a where house full of thugs with your sawed off shotty to further interregate your perp.  Then there's the hit or miss Valve who can make me bow and worship (half life 2: episodes I & II, Portal) or scratch my head and wonder (Half Life 2).  Either they reinvent the wheel with new gameplay machanics, epic battles\ new story telling devices, or do what blizzard does and sell me the same thing with better graphics.  All in all you just need to make sure you hitch your horse to the right wagon before you go for the ride, but hopefully more will take their cue from my list above based on fifteen years of gaming.

 Preston Everett Jurinak



You listed some great games there. Max Payne was AWESOME!! Hopefully the movie doesn't suck. I forgot about BioWare in my post. Knights of the Old Republic was good, and I liked the NWN games, except that I could never get the networking to work (see my post).

I have to disagree about your comment re: Civilizations. I love the game, but Civ4 is essentially a pretty version of the original. Not so bad, since I think the original is a classic and still fun to play. That is also why I like Blizzard and am eagerly awaiting StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3.



I am playing Company of Heroes (CoH). Usually, I do not pay attention to the developper and so on. But in these cases, the games is so well done that I realized that people and companies that produce such games have to be encouraged and helped. To that end, I recommended the games (CoH) to my brother and purchased both games for him. I ask him to do the same for somebody else if he like them and of course he did like them.

Before I spend the time to play a game, I read reviews about it. Usually, I ussually read comments from other players. Reviewers some time confuse "the tree from the forest"  while the players give you an honest assessment. They bought the game for entertainment and they were dissapointed or happy with the purchase.

I usually buy games a year after they are published. It is cheaper and the companies had time to issue all the updates to allow the game to be play the way it was intended. In the case of CoH (opposing fronts) I purchased the game as soon as it came out based on my experience with the first one. My rationale was that even if they messed up, the game will be better than most of the game out there. As long as they continue to develop first class games, I will purchase the game as soon as it is published as a way to support them. The minute they messed up, they are back to the 1 year plan or whenever the game is discounted by the big box store. It is my time, it is my money.





Cod4 + IW = :(

Simply put, devs don t care bout us PC gamers, lookit the crap Infinity Ward tried pulling with PC gamers with the CoD4 series, They went all out with extras for the xbox version of the game but when it came to the PC, we were givin the shaft, late map pack, real shotty special edition extras, the absance of the "special" ranks that are present in the xbox version as opposed to the PC. Playable Beta for xbox, long b4 the pc demo came out. and thats just 1 company, they have forgotten, the PC gamer made their title a success and they turn their back on us, no doubt because of micro$oft and the xbox. Pitiful



I'm actually playing F.E.A.R. right now. I didn't play it when it came out, but I had a great time with the Project Origin demo at E3, so I decided to give its predecessor a shot. And while it definitely shows its age, it's still a great game. There's also a ton of symbolism in its plot, which, as an English major, I dig.

As for developers and how they feel about their fans, I'm kind of split. Fans are weird, you know? Sometimes they  ask for things they don't really want. Come to think of it, I'd love to see a developer just go whole hog and develop a game around their fans' whims. It'd be a train wreck, but damn it'd be fun to watch. 

On the other hand, if you a development team were to create a project entirely to appease its own creative desires, it'd likely be a hard sell, both to publishers and to gamers. 

So, obviously, you need to meet somewhere in the middle. I'd say Metal Gear Solid 4 was a pretty decent example of this methodology. The game was packed full of Kojima's ideals, yet still managed to wrap up all of the plot lines that fans loved so dearly.   


Keith E. Whisman

Well I'm still enjoying the heck out of Company of Heroes and I'm also playing World in Conflict but I find myself going back to Company of Heroes for more fun. I don't play online unless it's a first person shooter. As for FPS games I'm playing Rainboy Six Las Vegas 2 and Crysis. But then again I still find myself going back to COH. I just love COH. Befor that I would play new games and then reload Close Combat Invasion Normandy that plays great on Vista without any patches.

As for loyalties I don't really have any. If it's a great game I love it. I've never really even thought about the creators. The only games I've ever thought about when it comes to the creators would be Doom and Quake and then only John Carmack gets my attention. When that man speaks I listen.

If the games kicks ass I enjoy it. If the game sucks it sits on the bottom of the games pile on my desk and never gets played unless I give it away to a friend or aquantance. I hate to waste money so if I have hardware or software that I don't use and someone wants it I generally give it away.

All of the games makers out there have pretty much made alot of crap games but that should'nt stop you from checking out new games that come from these manufacturers.

Excellent topic.



Well, at the moment, my interest is in playing as much X3 reunion as I can, and a few bouts of tf2 every now and then. I can't wait till steam releases sales figures and just grinds retail into the dust.

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