Gaming Roundup 7/25/08: Lesson Learned



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So, Nathan...  A little upset about people not getting your joke last article? :D  To be helpful, I've compiled a short little list of things people will not "take a joke" about and will inevitably be divisive issues no matter how you broach them:

1) The state of PC gaming

2) The government, copyright law, pirating, and the intermingling of the first three

3) Vista suxxors or roxxors

4) Any Apple product

I'm sure this list isn't comprehensive, but it's a start, right? :D

****** List is conceived as a joke (see "joke" above for clarification)



This is a fantastic article*


* By fantastic I mean the use of asterisks was superb.**


** By superb I mean that Mr. Grayson is pretty funny. Too bad none of us has any sense of humor.***


*** Well, some of us must have a sense of humor, right?



Thank you, kindly. You cultivated a nice forest of asterisks yourself, by the way.

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