Gaming Roundup 6/30/08: Treyarch Attacks Gearbox, Blizzard Doesn't Much Care for Consoles



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We proud few will wait for Blizzard to give us the closets thing to perferction that we know here on this earth for they have never given us any thing that is bugy or any thing else unlike other game makers so if you want to speak ill of Blizzard stow it where the sun dont shine.



Woa I just got blindsided by that bit about Starcraft 2 not being released in '08.  At least they aren't going to ...rush it out.  bazing.



I was wanting some Xbox smack talk in this article, but alas, there is none. Everyone has wanted MS to invest more in PC since ever, this is no news.

"No Starcraft 2 release in 2008": I can hear souls being crushed. Like anyone was seriously expecting it to come out this year anyway: IT'S BLIZZARD, PEOPLE, get real. Blizzard announces a game, then releases it about three or four years later, not 18 months later.



Haha, I was thinking the exact same thing earlier today. Also, they're just about the only company that's still running full steam ahead on PC exclusives.

 With the "good games only" thing, though, Blizzard's trend sort of feeds itself. Can you think of any other company that waited nearly a decade to re-deploy one of its three pillars? Blizzard can afford it. But hey, quality over quantity works for me. The real question is, can anyone successfully imitate Blizzard's business model?  


Lawrence Chang

AoC was a bigger hit than i thought. With other attempts at it such as Fury and other failed projects, I'm quite pleased that it has even stayed on xfire top10 for quite this long...


Anyways, has anyone realized that Blizzard has never released a "bad" game? Just a thought.



they just never finish making the games that they think will end up bad. 

-- Norm



:'( I was really looking forward to SC Ghost. I don't see how it could have possibly been a bad game.

 I was extremely disappointed when they switched it from PC to consoles. When they canceled it, I didn't care that much since it wasn't going to be on PC anyway.



Apparently, it was actually an Activision spokesperson who said it -- not someone from Treyarch. I'll be covering that tomorrow. Still though, it's a pretty stupid comment to make. This isn't professional wrestling.



LOL. Fuck them. COD3 was ass compared to COD2 and Brothers in Arms focus on characters is a great angle for a game.

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