Gaming on the Go with "GAEMS G155" Xbox 360/PS3 Slim Case



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I played this at PAX East and loved it.  All the pro gamers were playing it and love it.  Not only did I pre-order, but everyone around me was doing the same thing!

Here are the facts for those of you that have not seen this for real:

  • 720p , 15.6" widescreen (they are calling it a 15.5") LED monitor that provides no-lag gaming.  Performance was awesome!  Prod1gy X and others pro gamers use this G155, check out their posts.  I also set my $3750 Alienware M15 (1080p) right next to it and saw no difference when I put CoD Black Ops in my laptop right next to the G155 with Black Ops playing on an Xbox
  • Sound was better than my M15, and they have 2 audio output jacks for headphones in the G155
  • Fits carry on luggage and actually weighs only 8.6 pounds without the Xbox.  I picked up the box with an Xbox in it, and even though I do not fly much, I could totally picture putting it in my car and meeting up with my clan to practice somewhere other than my living room by myself
  • Zero vent blockage anywhere.  This even works with the old POS 360 that RROD for everything

This also doesn't look like some cheap wood or industrial metal shop box, nor does it weigh nearly as much.

Guys, go check out the reviews and YouTube videos from PAX East.  Bet at least one of you buys one!



Hmmm, for $300, I could get a 27" 1080p monitor with HDMI.  Or I can get a 22" 1080p HDMI monitor for $150, and add about $30-40 worth of wood, hinges, and handles.  Honestly...



I'm in the Navy and I'm a repair man.  I work with Sheet Metal and such.  I used to make these for the guys on the ship for about 100-150 bucks.  That included parts, labor, etc.  They were sturdy, metal, had vent holes, and they bought whatever monitor they wanted and I made the case to fit.  I think it was bigger than what this looks like.  But for me, the price seems quite steep.  Great idea though, especially for us Military guys, or even college guys in a dorm or something.  Oh well...



Neat idea. I'm not sure it's worth $300, though.



That looks like it blocks the vents on the 360.  Probably not good if you want to keep your system in good working order.



With a 15.5" display, I don't think you'll be able to tell the difference between 720 and 1080.

Retracted.  I'm a big dummy.  I was thinking of a regular TV, for which 1080p is too much for a small screen.  If you think of this display as more of a notebook screen, 10180p makes more sense.  You'll just have to sit a lot closer for the higher resolution to make a difference.



HD Display is a little too vague for me to plunk down $279. I need to know if it's 1080p or not. Anything less, in my humble opinion, makes this not worth the cash.



Why would you want 1080p anyways. The frame rate would be lower than that of 720p, and on that screen, 1080 wouldn't make a difference in quality.

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