GameStop Re-lists Dawn of War II, Signs Peace Treaty with Steam



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lol @ GameStop's excuse.


Keith E. Whisman

If it's not at WalMart or Steam then I won't be getting it. Gamestop has games if you like games that were released 3years ago. That's been my experience here in Phoenix. What happened to Babages? They used to have the latest releases. Life sux.



 Even buying used accessories from them is kinda iffy too. I bought a used PS3 guitar hero guitar, and they didn't even include the USB dongle. So it's kinda useless now! And now I gotta either try and return it, or try and get them to give me the rest of the guitar.

 This should be fun... /sarcasm


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-


I Jedi

I wonder if they just started doing what Steam is doing and opened up a like Steam platform. What do you guy's think?



i think i still wouldnt buy anything from them. i have had too many problems with greasy salesman and dirty business tactics from gamestop. they stopped getting my business a long time ago after an incident where i had gotten the insurance on a game that i had to get for them to stfu about it after telling them no several times. the disc they gave me was scratched to hell and back, so i take it back and im like i want a bran new one, (since i had purchased a "brand new" copy to begin with, and they didnt want to give me one, so i had to emberass them politely infront of their customers by mentioning loudly that i had purchased a brand new game, i had not recieved a brand new game, and by their policy i was entitled to a new disc as i had not recieved what was advertised. and i told them either that or i call the BBB.



needless to say now i go to an independant chain of gamestores that is owned by a friend of mine. 

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