GameStop PC Game Sales Down, But Still "Worth Hanging Onto"



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Personally, I will never do digital distribution. If I'm going to "download" a game to play Iit's gonna be through illegal means and I gave that up long ago. I want a nice boxed copy with a full color manualy and a disc to put into my pc and play. I want the box to sit on my shelf with the rest of my game collection. I want a game that I don't have to install a bunch of other crap like Steam just to get up and running.

 But personally, I wouldn't buy games from gamestop anyways, I always buy from amazon.  





Dont care.  GameStop doesn't exist in Canada. :/



Forgot to mention. I don't buy from gamestop anymore. I buy my pc games from Amazon, gogamer, ebay, and retail stores.



Bad Econ, less money earned, need to survive first, PC upgrade comes 5th probably or never, latest PC game looks cool in graphic and everything require good upgrades to play. sorry PC games with my computer spec. I can't even try your demo.

Now I wonder PC game sales bad and low, who's fault is that and who couldn't adjust certain things based on the pc spec. and user market?




sdcat, PC hardware is cheaper than ever. Even more so now thanks to ATI releasing gaming video cards at affordable prices. No one except grade school students should be complaining about the price of upgrading pc hardware. You can easily build a gaming pc minus external components for $500 to $600 maybe less I havent priced it out in a while. ATI is even releasing the HD 4600 series soon that offers "decent" gaming for $70 bucks.  Stop complaining and start playing. :)



They say one thing but do another. I won't be buying from them ever again, so I'll just stick with digital distribution & Best Buy. The people at the counters are usually hardcore console gamers & thus have a narrow view of what the PC gaming world is capable of. When Gamestop does (& will) kill off PC games in their store, is the day that I'll have no sorrow for a misguided company.


Libera te ex infernis!



Oh I rememeber the good ol' days when you could walk into a EB Games a see a whole  wall covered in the latest PC games, but time has passed and now your lucky to even find a isle stand on one side that maybe, might have the BF2 deluxe pack, called the other day to see when they'd be getting in GTR-EVO, sorry the nerk (nerd Clerk) said in a voice reminding me I just got pulled over by a Cop for asking the wrong question, "Sorry it ain't big enough for us to stock it", ain't that the truth. I think they named the place right.

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