GameStop to Deus Ex PC Customers: You Mad Bro? Here's a $50 Gift Card



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Grudge. Definitely, Grudge.



Okay, so Gamestop engages in blatantly illegal anticompetitive practices, and their answer is to say "oh, here's a way to buy even more of ~our~ products."




unfortunately, I'm going to have to side on Gamestop on this one. This was pretty much a competitor's product that they didn't want to advertise. However, on the other hand really, I don't see much in OnLive anyways, odds are if your playing this, you are a PC gamer, and you probably have a nice computer capable of playing this game, so I wouldn't really care if they sold it to me like this, so long as the code still works and the CD isn't scratched, some people overreact like they took out the disk and spat on it.

Also again, I don't really like Gamestop (except for the occasional good deal.)


h e x e n

In my humble opinion, gamestop blows.


Holly Golightly

I would not have forgiven them... But damn, a $50 offer? 2 for 1? Damn... I will admit, a bit tempting. I did not buy the game. I do not buy new games unless they come with their plastic seal. I also do not buy used PC games because of the whole DRM mess... *Greed* Last time I purchased a game from them, it was Alice: Madness Returns, it seemed to have included everything. I am unsure...



Some thoughts

1. Why are you buying PC games from Game Stop? 

2. If you're going to a Game Stop to buy games, chances are you're not going to buy a PC game.

3. Part of me wants to say... were you even going to try Deus Ex: Human Revolution on OnLive, where you know, you can't sync with your actual game file?

I understand that it's more about a corporation doing the wrong thing. But honestly, Game Stop is a console game store. That's like asking a PC gaming snob to give a damn about a console game.



Too little, too late.

Basically, a knee-jerk reaction after they were flamed to no end by everyone and their sister and on every social media/tech website that exists.

It's like the only reason they're sorry is that they got caught.



Funny, when I read the first post about GS caught pulling the coupons:

"GameStop Stops Selling Deus Ex Human Revolution After Being Caught Removing Coupons From New Copies"

it seemed that GS *DID* indeed know in advance the coupons were in the retail PC boxes and ordered employees to remove them.

Thieves *and* liars???

"Thinks that make you go 'hmmmm...'"




Gamestop opens every game, of course they know what's inside (and what isn't). What I was referring to is the deal between Square Enix and Gamestop about what Gamestop would be selling, particularly: 

"As part of Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s boxed offering on PC, Square Enix included a third-party coupon, GameStop was not made aware of this inclusion [...]" (taken from Square Enix's response to the whole thing). 

Basically, Gamestop got the games, open them up saw the coupons, checked if they were supposed to be there (they weren't, at least in the written contract) and pulled the coupons. Now this is what folks from the industry call a "dick move"; however, it is not "stealing", just entirely unethical. So any class action lawsuit against Gamestop would fail gloriously because, sadly, it is not illegal to be a douche.




As the retailer, Gamestop's ONLY job is to sell the product.  Opening the packaging and rummaging through is just product tampering, and reason enough for PC users to stop buying from this Mickey Mouse outfit entirely...

A bit like the grocery store digging through my box of Corn Flakes and removing the prize...then sealing up the package and selling it like nothing happened....




"As the retailer, Gamestop's ONLY job is to sell the product." 

And that is what Gamestop (and Square) has said as well. The coupons weren't listed as a product in the contract thus Gamestop opted to remove them from the package as they weren't part of the agreed upon product. Douche move? Yes. Illegal move? No. I just like to call it like it is. 


"A bit like the grocery store digging through my box of Corn Flakes and removing the prize...then sealing up the package and selling it like nothing happened...."

When I was in High School I worked at a grocery store owned by one of the many monikers under the A&P megacorp. Sometimes we would get products into the deli that had coupons and the likes on them that corporate would require us to remove before selling because they weren't in the contract (a.k.a. we weren't suppose to honor those coupons, so there was no point in putting them out there). So yes, grocery stores do go through your food and do occasionally remove things. The difference here (as you pointed out) is that they were for coupons that only our store could honor ($1.00 off per a pound, buy one get one free, etc.) while here Gamestop was removing coupons that only another firm could honor. But I think it is of note (as an aside) that it is fairly common place for distribution companies to "inspect" their products before selling them. 




"we stole from you.  here, buy some stuff from us".




Actually, Gamestop was never informed of the coupons in the first place and were legally allowed to remove them before they put them on the shelf since it wasn't part of the deal. That said, when things like this happen in the business world normally, ethics normally says you take it in stride. But since Gamestop is founded upon the idea of spitting on business ethics, it's not really surprising.




This was actually my first thought when I read this. Don't give out an in-store refund, give out actual refunds so people can buy their game from a retailer that didn't try to rip them off, even if the service offered was real crappy.



GAMESTOP:  "We're so sorry that we stole that $50 from you, here take this gift card at get yourself a free game of two?


Customer: "Oh well thanks gamestop, at least you are trying to make it right."


GAMESTOP: "We really are sorry, here, we'll even throuhg in  coupon for used games that you can't  use cause your a pc gamer!"



Which is further evidence that GS has no idea what PC gamers even are. They use the same tired crap that they use for everything. "You mad bro? Pick up some used games that we paid pennies for and marked up 10,000%, we'll even give them to you 2 for 1 so we only make half a bajillion dollars on them."

GS cares nothing for gamers, and even less for PC gamers because there is no used market for us.

All of this is just pr. Thousands attacked them on twitter, facebook, and irl for this and they are just trying to minimize the damage. They still care nothing for us.



I have to admit this is pretty big of them not too many retailers would do something like this. 


Mastro Antonio

From a business perspective this was the right thing to do. OnLive sucks anyways and that makes sense they would have to have an offer like that to pull in subscribers.



Your connection must suck, because i use Onlive regularly without any problems.



DeusEx rules!




Gamestop drools?



Robin laid an egg! (Oh I love these pre-Christmas carols!)



Batmobile lost a wheel

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