GameStop Delcares War on Steam?



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I wish there were an inclusive list of STEAM-only titles. When I make my game purchases, I want the copy of the product to be mine - not a proprietary license to use a product only when the sellers choose to let me use it, and at whatever monthly price they've happened to choose on a whim.

I'm also sick and tired of the arrogant jerks who mock anyone upset by this DRM scam. If my business, and the business of people who feel the way I do, is not welcome, then so be it. But we need not be repeatedly reminded how little Valve and their cheerleaders care about us and the PC hobby - they've already amply demonstrated that to us.

So just give us a list of all those STEAM-only games, so we won't be ambushed into buying a STEAM product by mistake. Then we can effectively go our way, and the STEAM fans can go theirs. If Gamestop helps make that easy for us, all the better.



you best not be dissin' the new BARBIE HORSE ADVENTURES !!!



Amazed at how one bad experience can affect your impressions of steam ?   Just wait till you have one.   I was fine with bioshock and the license confirmation hassle, even with the unavailability of game registration servers for a period of 24hrs at one point (it was a great game !).   But I have had such a hassle with orange box and splinter cell that I'm ready to call it quits and let all you game downloading folks ride that high hard one yourselves.    Maybe requiring 2 hour downloads for a retail box purchase seems like only 1.75 hours if you purchase it online - look out if you lose your connection, caused these to take 3 days to complete.  I don't work for Valve, so I probably shouldn't be posting here like the rest of these, who seem to love steam so much they should at least file a W-4 as pmps.



I buy most of my games either on Steam or Direct 2 Drive, It is convenient, safe, I can install games more than thrice and the copy protection scheme is right for me.

As for the console games, I might have bought a used GBA game at GameStop but am not sure, I know I bought some used XBOX titles at EB Games which is owned by the same folks I believe. Other than that, there are other retailers around, I could buy from Wal Mart, Zellers, HMV, Toys R Us ......



  Oh, it's a game STORE! Geez, I haven't been to a store in a long time, least not for anything but groceries... I mean, that is what Amazon and NewEgg are for!


Keith E. Whisman

If I don't get it from Steam I get my games from WalMart. I owned an XBOX360 for about 5minutes and gave it away to my best friend. I lost interest in the games but the games I did buy for it I got at Gamestop. I always had a larger PC game selection at WalMart though. 

I've only bought one PC game from gamestop and that was Max Payne 2 and wait a minute actually I got that at Babages... They are part of Gamestop right? Oh well guess I never bought a PC game at Gamestop because they hate PC gamers.  



I know that more PC Games on retail store shelves is generally a good thing but some of these stores don't even stock PC Games but will offer to order them for you if when you inquire about one. Sometimes they only sell presale pc games and one of my local gamestops really only stocks PC Games that are guaranteed movers like the Sims and WoW. There isn't much of a used PC Games market so they don't bother.



I will admit that I will always prefer to have the game through steam instead of gamestop because I will NEVER need the disc in the drive, the price is the same if not cheaper, I won't have to worry about the discs being scratched and unreadable.  

Another thing I would like to mention is that EA's games on steam DONT have secuROM while EA's retail version DOES.  I'm buying all of my PC games on steam when they are available there.

Quit hating on the barbie games, they have the games for windows packaging on them so that means that those are the games that will save PC gaming right? 



Maybe if Barbie's riding a sybian.



Look it up.




Keith E. Whisman

Barbie doesn't need to do that she has a pony and Ken.



The pony, perhaps... My sister's Ken doll was somewhat lacking in that area.



The best part of Steam is that it keeps all your games updated and I can go anywhere and play my totally adds freedom to my gaming experience...the best thing with console games is that they are automatically updated and Steam adds that ability to PC games



I can understand why Gamestop wouldn't want steam on consumers computers. But for people who really wanted this game anyways they will just buy it on steam now, instead of having the option of buying it from gamestop. So now people will have steam on their computers and gamestop won't get any money from it at all; its a GREAT move. Plus if people really want it from retail due to the lack of hi-speed or the want of a hard copy they can probably go to wal-mart/bestbuy considering this is a THQ title. So bravo Gamestop you just eliminated some of your customer base.


Steam+Discounts=Great Deal

Gamestop+Discounts=wait they never have any

Why is COD4 Still 50$?


Hg Dragon

You guys get an actual corner? The GameStops I visit here in DFW all seem to only have their PC games on one side of their small 3' high floor racks.

GameStop shopping has always been a sad experience for me. "No," I don't want your warranty. "No," I don't want a subscription to your in-house magazine. "No," I don't want to buy your bundle of things that I don't really want just for one console or game. "No," I don't want to shop in your stores anymore.


I Jedi

I have to admit that it's convient to buy games from Steam. To always be able to download games over and over again, play them as long as I want, etc. However, having a boxed copy does make me personally feel more secured and in control of my game that I purchased. 




the very first day i bought HL2 and i was sent to steam, i hated it... after realizing what they were trying to do, i loved it...

i'm a fan of boxed copies and the manual and blah blah blah, but steam saves EVERYTHING and starting with L4D, it even saves your progress and settings elsewhere.  i have 2 raptor drives in a stripe just for steam games, and i prefer to buy them from steam because it's way easy, cheaper in most cases, and SOOO conveinent, when i reinstall my OS, and i need to reinstall steam, i just point it to the old install point and EVERYTHING comes right back, no reinstalls, no updates, nothing, it just works

Gamestop is filled with a bunch of morons who can't stock shelves correctly, if you have ever been in that store, you'll know... the workers are border line retarded and they NEVER give you a correct release date, every time i have EVER went in there, they say, you can get it on the 5th, i'd go in on the 5th and they would ask if i reserved it, i say no, then i have to wait till the next day... you would say this is my fault, but i asked if i needed to reserve it to get it on that day, and they would say no... steam counts down to the release date, lets you download it the night before and unlocks that day...


Please steam... put shitstop out of business, you people do realize, IT'S FUNCOLAND!!! WHAT CRAP!




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Sometimes it's fun to go to Gamestop and get a box copy of a game. On the other hand Steam is very convenient and i've boughten many games from it.



Just another reason.

 I shop on Steam exclusively because they are the only place I trust my purchases. Everything else is in-store or Newegg.



Is it up to the game developers to require steam? If it is then isn't that a slap to the face to the DoW developers from GameStop? 



How to Unlock a Pony

Save Lucky the horse and complete the game to get a pony. Because you always wanted a pony, didn't you? You're welcome.



Honestly I prefer to buy digital from people like steam, I have bought from direct2drive but the experience with them isnt so good. Steam i can buy not have to worrie about the dreaded DRM! Plus if i want to uninstall it for awhile i can and get it back when i want without finding my CD scratched. The only thing i wish would happen is the prices for digital media to go down a bit. Companies are not having to produce/print boxes or manuals so i hope someday that this savings will be directed towards me. For now though im happy with steam and the gaming companies should be too.



Steam really has provided an increase in value and quality for gaming experience. one click downlod for any new release i want. more screen shots and videos then what i get at the store, no return policies, unlimited acess, no DRM.  cant be beat.  i wish more services adopted Steams system.

 whoever mentioned download caps....i'd think a game should last you at least a month or two before you download your next game.  Maybe consider going outside :-o 


 Ray, RES Computer Services



down load caps might not realy last for a game, i mean really a game should last ATLEAST a month but those caps would kill me and my relationshive to Tv.nihon where i go to download Fan Subtitled Free torrents of hundreds of episodes of quality japanese Toku



  When I was younger (many years ago it seems) I remember digging through the local retailer's shelves for various games, eyes alit in wonder with my new acquisition. Their boxes drew the gaze with their colorful art, large size, unique shape, and were often heavy with manuals and collectors items.

  Those days have been gone for quite some time now and while I still consider myself an avid gamer and collector I find myself leaning towards digital distribution - most specifically Steam. With broad band speeding things along I am just a download away from being able to play any game on my account on any computer I feel like.

  With what I have personally experienced and heard about the evil corporate entity known as GameStop, I am not surprised at all if these actions are intentional. And if the actions lead to their departure from sales of PC games in general I will also state good riddance.


Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day.

Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.



The battle between download vs. disc has another front to consider, and one that might be more decisive than this. I'm talking about ISP's limiting customer's usage. If I my data per month was restricted, I certainly wouldn't want to use it up by downloading a bunch of games.

Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight? -G. Carlin


Keith E. Whisman

Hey quit hating on Barbi Horse Adventures. It's a great game and I'm on level 7. The level where Ken Joins GIJoe and joins the fight against Cobra. The RTS part of the game is just getting started..



I'd say that the company really doesn't care about the copy protection.  They care more about the competition.


The Relic

Call me a Luddite, but I prefer hard copies of my games. I do have Steam installed on my system, but the only games I actually bought through Steam were the four .99 titles they had on sale a few weeks ago (Doom, Doom2, Reaxxion and Heavy Weapon). Sure I can back up the games (and have), but like an actual dead-tree book as opposed to a digital copy and a vinyl record or CD as opposed to a digital download, I just prefer something I can hold in my hand.

Of course, I predict that will be a moot point as more publishers choose digital distribution as a cost-cutting move. But it don't mean I have to like it. Feh ^_^.



I prefer having a disc with data on it as well. You never know when some texture mod 10 years down the road will only work on the retail copy of something; I don't know. So I like a disc for fiddling around with.

That said, I have about 80 games on my Steam games list. I keep buying them because they've all been during one incredible sale or another. I've even bought Steam versions of games I already own a retail copy of, just because it was $5. I'll buy digital as long as the price is right.

The same goes for digital music. Amazon's regular $2 album sales are what it took to get me to pay for music for the first time in years.

The moral of the story is that things in general just need to be cheaper and I'll stop worrying about the risks of purchasing volatile digital content.



*waves bye* and they won't be missed. well said :)

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