Gamers Create Pixel-Perfect Zelda, Mario and Pac-Man Videos Using Stop-Motion And Millions Of Minecraft Blocks



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These videos are fake. The frames were not done by hand except for maybe the one in the behind the scenes video.

Additionally there was no artistic process in the making of these. It's just a replica based of video of someone playing super mario land, it doesn't make sense to praise something so stupid. So even if they weren't done by computer (which they were) they would still be retarded.

That's my opinion.



The fact that this was made using minecraft means that your opinion sucks. Kind of like saying a chalk artist who draws the monalisa on a sidewalk shows no artistic process because hes making a copy of another painting. 


Citizen Snips

He's commenting on the difference between setting up a script to edit save files to place blocks for you by reading bit-map information, or the players actually placing it by hand. I don't know which method was used here, but if it was just a script, than it's more akin to making a rubbing than it is drawing on the sidewalk.



Your opinion is WRONG!!! :P



an opinion is just what someone THINKS about something, not fact. so how can an opinion be wrong?

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