Gamer Cashes in on Take Two's Million Dollar Challenge



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I am so jelous



All it took to pitch a perfect game in the hardest difficulty in that game was a bunch of 2-seam fastballs low and away (or inside)?  I wonder how his stat sheet looked like after the game (i.e. the # of K's, GO, FO, PO, etc.).  Hell, I even wonder what the final score of the game was.


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Keith E. Whisman

I bet his parents called him a loser for spending his every waking moment playing video games. Now look at him. Kids next time your parents tell you that your a loser for playing games all the time just tell them that one day you could get rich from it. 



Until you come across that 40-year old bum who has no job or family, but somehow manages to play video games all day from his parents' basement...

 Yes, I know that guy.



Ha, that's awesome. If they put up a million bucks I'll bet they didn't expect anybody to pull that off. I don't know anything about that game but that guy's strategy almost sounds like an exploit. Real players would no doubt notice if the pitcher was lobbing the same slow fastball a lot in one game.



Well played indeed.

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