Game Changing Google Play Gift Cards Exposed Online



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The intrinsic problem with all the major U.S. services (google, amazon, itunes) is the cost. A simple cursory look for mp3 sellers (mp3fiesta, megaboon, gomuisc, mp3million, etc...) will yield a wealth of providers (albeit primarily out of Russia etc.... gotta love the ruble exchange rate LOL). I think the cheapest song I have seen for "sale" and not a promo giveaway is 0.59 on amazon or itunes and that is rare considering the predominant price point is still close to 0.99 cents a song. That is a joke simply because its virtually the same as physically buying it somewhere like walmart. Why would you do that when you can purchase the same or better quality song on a services like mp3fiesta, megaboon, etc.... for 0.07-0.15 cents a song? Before those of you who torrent "free" music say why buy at all. I simply say this: there is no risk of legal entanglement from "purchasing" music. Also I don't have to worry about viruses or any other nonsense that exists normally in the "wilds". The business model for the big 3 in America is broken IMO.



laying aside all the likely-nonsense of apple heading to court over this, it seems like a good idea to me. I'm one of those dispossessed americans who don't have a band account, and my only debit card is a prepaid that charges me out unmentionable places. which means the world of paid-for apps and music remains out of my reach.

I'd much rather go buy the ten dollar google card to get some nicer apps and extensions on my 4.1 hacker than spend $20 + $5 + $3 bank transfer fees to use my debit card or paypal to move money into google electronically.

Yeah, giving such items as a gift card may seem chincy, but obviously there's a market for it.



Gift cards are something I've never understood. Giving someone a $20 bill as gift is not acceptable, but giving them a $20 card that they can only use in one specific store, oh that's ok. Drives me bonkers



Beats getting underwear, ties, socks etc. for a gift! Those most dreaded of all presents that lurk patiently waiting to strike when you least expect them..........



Couldn't agree more! Especially when they always seem to be for stores you'd rather not go to; i.e. Best Buy. In this case though it's actually pretty good. Because one advantage Apple's store had was the iTunes cards which gave the user an extra layer of control over spending within that store. Trust me the last thing you want is having your credit card attached to your 12 year old daughters music account.



I think Penny (From Big Bang Theory) said it best when she said a gift should be something fun, that the person wouldn't get for themselves. I don't agree with getting gift cards, it's impractical and Asian folks just give each other money anyways (I'm Asian). I do think a gift should be something fun, that the person wouldn't think to get for themselves.






Apple may claim that online stores and/or redeeming gift cards online is covered under one of their patients and sue over it.



Now watch Apple patent the gift card.......



Good one! Hehe..




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