The Game Boy: War, Valve Knows What It's Good For



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I said this the other day in a related topic so forgive me for repeating myself but....I played this game for the first time ever the other day and I was completely lost. I gave it 5 minutes and quit. I wasn't even sure who I was supposed to be shooting. Call me a dope if you will but this game isn't noob friendly at all.



Red vs Blue. That is it. Which ever color you are, kill the other one. Play as Heavy or Pyro...they are very beginner friendly.



A friend gave me a free copy of TF2 (when it was $2), but I can't play it. My computer sucks so bad that it can't even run tf2 at the lowest settings, windowed, and 800x600.I hate to say this, but my specs are a P4HT, 512mb RAM, and Integrated graphics. I feel ashamed of it. ~k0re_



If you buy like the most basic graphics card off newegg or used you should be able to run it, dx9 with ddr2 256 at least should be good.  I couldn't even run half life episode 2 on a dual core with integrate 3100.



The secret to TF2 success & longevity is simple....FUN!

The game is nothing but fun. It is like playing an "Itchy & Scratchy" cartoon. Cartoon violence at its purest.

That, & its community. I have been playing on the same community server for almost 2 years. Let that be a lesson to all the other developers(IW...I am looking at you...).

No matter what games have come out in the past 2 years, I always return to TF2 at the end of the day.



It hasn't died because it is the best pub game out there.  MW2 sucks.



-Technology...  will kill us one day.....

Personaly I don't think that team fortress 2 Hasn't Died Yet is Because all the huge add-ons there putting wich changes and makes gameplay in a way... Funner.

Besides Everyone Loves Collecting!(Especially Hats in TF2)

Where you can be a pyro with a propeler on your hat with happy blue/red colors not only burning your foe to the ground with flames but with a smile of cooky,fashion,and fun Hat.

where snipers get bow and arrows and new jarrate(which you know what it is,Must i say it?) and Heavies get awsome sandviches.

I still play it with friends because its always fun to play in changeing matches with hundreds of players and dominating your friends while you mock them with a Rare Hat!




The big problem is most Developers dont want to invest the money in promotion "its a old game what's the point in promoting?"


I alswer that in 2 words


"New Subscribers"


By making a big deal of content updates a product already made and polished brings in more income where with other devs your just giving away DLC for free to a set base of users.

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