Galaxy Beefs Up Graphics Card Warranty, How Does It Compare?



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Peanut Fox

I remember having to place a call to EVGA when my GTX 260 failed on me.  It was a pain taking off the water block and putting the stock heatsink on, but they got me a replacement in a week, and it was an identical card so my waterblock when on no problem. 



PNY does not allow third party/aftermarket heatsinks. I had a bad 9800 GTX+, I thought it was the bad heatsink, so I replaced that, but it still crashed. Then I try to return it, they say I cannot if I replaced the stock heatsink (which I did.)



The only cards I buy are XFX. Period. Warranties are only good if the company decides to honor them, and EVGA always seems to find an excuse not to.

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