Gainward Launches Cool and Quiet GeForce GTX 680 Phantom



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Number Six

Would-be purchasers should take note: the increased clock speeds and additional fan take their toll on the power consumption. Unlike reference-design GTX 680s, Gainward's offering requires an 8-pin & 6-pin connector. It also blows the hot air into the case rather than exhausting out the back. That being said, all the GTX 680s are smoking for BF3. Glad I got mine already. BF3 consistently plays between 50-60fps @ 1080p, all settings maxed out except I prefer MEDIUM Post AA (because HIGH Post AA (FXAA) ruins textures). Also using 4xMSAA (Deferred AA), Core i7-930 o/c'd to 4.0GHz. Here are my preliminary 3DMark2011 results:



Gainward owns Palit and I'll never buy one of their products after reading a forum thread a year or so ago where their cust. service rep was a massive tool when talking about their warranty. I think this was when they were the first to go to 2 years when everyone else was 5 years or lifetime.

Plus I also won't do business with companies that create sub-companies to create the illusion that there's more competition in the market than there really is.




Is it just me or the name just does not ring a bell?

I know I haven't seen them in stock in local stores as well as my favorite online retailers...



Gainward's been around for a long time, nearly three decades. In fact, I still own a Gainward Ti 4200 graphics card (and other geek nostalgia) in my collection of parts.




Sigh............I just wish Gainward still sold their products in the USA.......I would kill for a GTX 680 Phantom without having to import (which is really expensive, and no support).



Its odd why they pulled out. Around 2000 they were the largest Nvidia partner in the US (if memory serves me correctly). Strange.



I would still stick with EVGA, get a classified which has a ridiculous performance boost over the stock ones, the 580 classified was barely beat out by the 680 so EVGA basically makes a next gen card with the classified series.



Darn it, don't talk about next-gen cards before NVidia has not even released their high end single GPU card yet!
Even a o/c'ed GTX680 is not the top end for Kepler. BIG Kepler, the GTX685 has yet to be released (August-October). Big Kepler will be 50% more powerful than a regular 680, God knows what it will be in o/c. $600 too. Going to be a blockbuster when it comes out but don't expect NVidia to release it while sales of mid-high tier GTX680 is selling so well.

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