Futuristic "Cool Leaf" Keyboard Lands in Japan May 13



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Haptic feedback is crucial for efficient typing on a keyboard.  This keyboard will make typing in passwords way more difficult.

Still, I'd like to try it out just to see how awful it really is.  I'm not a big fan of these right angle keyboards either.  Microsoft's Comfort Curve or Logitech's Wave (though the wave has shitty keys) are much better.



Like every other "flat keyboard", this will inevitably fail. It's next to impossible (for those who don't have a supernatural sense of proprioception and a 3D simulation of the keyboard in their head) to type without error when you have no idea what key you just hit or where your fingers are in relation to the keys.



I can't type well and only type when nessary, I just copy and paste mostly, so I would go for it. And I to will believe it when we see it.



Would this encourage you to make all those head scratching, non-sensical finger marathon typing motions they used to do on the LCars touch panels in Star Trek The Next Generation?



Why in world would anyone that actually knows how to type want any kind of keyboard without mechanical feedback? Give me an ugly old school no frills keyboard any day.



In order to type well, I need a physical keyboard. this would not work for me at all

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