Futuremark Posts More Screenshots for Next 3DMark Benchmark Suite



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Yeah, I used to do that, too—obsess over my 3DMark score. Then I grew up. Now, I can't imagine any justification for buying the testing suite.



Buy it on Steam when they go on sale. I got both 3d mark 2011 and vantage for $14 during this autumn sale :) ~ Agreed I had no interests in them but the offer was too good to resist.



I recall the times when I'd tweak my system over and over again to get good marks in 3DMark. I had my favourite test sequences as well. THe Max Payne shootout scene is stuck in my head, as well as the field and trees scene from some later version.
Does anyone else have a favourite 3DMark test?



that matrix like scene, the truck chase scene and the forests have been the most impactful in memory of each release; since then its been rather dull



Thanks for the reminders -the forest was great. I think I may have stopped testing before they got to the version with the truck.

Sad to say, graphics don't really wow me any more. A good overall package has a more lasting effect. I guess that's why I like certain Wii games, huh? I STILL don't get to play much though.

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