Futuremark Announces Update to All Versions of 3DMark 11



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There have been many, what would have been good games or software, that have been killed at retail, due to a buggy product being released before it was ready. When you release a game or program before it is done in an attempt to kick start sales, you create a poor user experience as a result and the product will garner poor reviews. Poor reviews equal poor sales. Poor sales equal an unsuccessful product and low revenues.

Now go to the flip side of that. Hold on a bit longer, spend a bit more money on development and finish the product, then release a stable complete product. It garners good reviews, more people purchase the product, and you make more money in the long run. Seems like a no brainer for me. Why is it such a hard concept for marketing people to understand?



On the off chance that anyone in Futuremark marketing is reading this. When you force your developers to ship a product prior to it being "done" it only makes me wait to buy it until I stop seeing posts like this on tech stites. So good job, your desire to ship early gives me a desire to buy later.

Sorry but this is a pet peeve in my own company as well. Marketing always makes us ship prior to our product being "ready" and this is the exact result we get every time as well. You marketing people are the problem.

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