Fusion-io and HP Boast Huge SSD Speeds



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you guys have the audacity to think that this technology, could be simple bought for $300 and used in your pcs?

give me a break.

some people think the world turn circles around themselfs.

this is an amazing technology.



Every PC I've owned has been underpowered, largely because of the slow hard drive.  So the fusion-io products come as a breath of fresh air and are interesting.  However, I don't see a fusion-io product available for the "ordinary" PC.  A user of a desk top PC has a need for better - much better - performance.  In the area of scientific simulations alone there is a need for tremendous performance.  Look at NVIDIA's site to get some idea of the systems being offered - so-called personal supercomputers - and you see only the tip of the iceberg for the need for - much - greater performance.  It is amazing to me that fusion-io products are seen as suitable for the server environment only.  They likely will do a great job there, but if I could buy a fusion-io product for my desktop at an affordable price I would buy one in a heartbeat.



For those who are saying you don't need this ... wait a couple years! The amount of data that is being processed in datacenters is growing at exponential rates. Being able to have sustained I/O rates of 1,000,000 IOPS and 8GB/s will enable things to be done that just can't be done today.

This technology is not for the home user, nor even for the "average" corporate user. In fact, there are, today, probably fewer than 10,000 users in the world that would even consider buying something like this -- but just wait! Weather modeling, medical research, nuclear simulations ... all viable options. And, as the world continues to aggregate data, the need to access and process that data quickly will continue to grow.

I say "bravo!" to the engineering team that put this together, and I look forward to even greater achievements in the future where I fully expect the performance and capacity to improve dramatically.




No one expects you ppl to buy this stuff, its more like whats coming down the pipe.

So stop shouting and respect some damn awesome engineering.



There is nothing Awesome about it!


But, a 2 Terabyte Hard drive with a Superfast Cache/SSD built in for $300 would be AWESOME engineering just like all my ideas that big International Corporations steel without compensation to me.


So respect my awesome engineering abilities or go kill yourself Loser 



i'd like to see you design you're little dream harddrive. you need to know when to accept that somebody has come up with a good idea before you. sure they are 10k a piece, but this is basically the first of it's kind, and it definitly has the best ssd read/write times out there for now.



Lets see now $14,400  X  5 io320GB drives = $72,000

+ 6 160GB ioDrives @ $4800 each = $28,000

Total drive Space = 2.56 Terabytes

 Total Drive cost = $100,800

So you  think $100,000 for 2.5 Terabytes is a better deal than $300 for 2 Terabytes that we could actually use without buying all the extra Servers to run the Damn things????

Take your Mothers advice to heart kid!

Your never too old to abort! 



And Totally Useless to you or me!




We need something like a 2 Terrabyte Green Drive with a Superfast 30GB SSD built right into it for less than $300 or we dont even need to hear about it!


Picture a Superfast OCZ SSD recording your data at incredible speeds while archiving and backing that Data up to a HUGE hard drive and Caching the most used Data  like your Operating System on the SSD for Read Speads over 200MB/sec







"and totaly useless to you or me" unfortunatly you don't have any facts to back that up so you are stating an opinion. opinions like this are usless, as it only pertains to you. someone else might find this useful. If it was junk, then you need to trust in people's common sense to come up with that.


personally i think if the price was right then it would be nice to be able to use the pci express slot for this.



So you  think $100,000 for 2.5 Terabytes is a better deal than $300
for 2 Terabytes that we could actually use without buying all the extra
Servers to run the Damn things????

Take your Mothers advice to heart kid!

Your never too old to abort!

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